Curious about how an innovative access solution opens the door to a new experience at a yoga studio? At Hi!Yoga & More in Kreuzberg, there’s more to discover than various yoga styles and workouts. Here, openness and flexibility are made tangible right at the entrance – thanks to Tapkey’s smart locks. The studios founder Sophie Senoner stressed the importance of welcoming everyone from the very first moment. And that begins with how one enters the studio. Let’s have a look at why Tapkey was chosen as a central component of this yoga studio. 

Choosing Tapkey

Sophie deliberately chose Tapkey as the access control solution for her expanding studio, which now counts nearly 30 employees.

“Replicating keys would have been too costly, so I looked online for alternative solutions,” says Sophie. 

After thorough research, the choice fell onr Tapkey – a decision that proved to be highly satisfying. The installation of the digital locks wasn’t limited to just the main studio. It was also successfully implemented in the newly opened location on Hagelberger Straße and in the cellar rooms. The unique feature of Tapkey is its ability to function offline without requiring an internet connection.

The Advantages of Tapkey

Introducing Tapkey Smart Locks at Hi!Yoga & More brought a series of remarkable benefits. Apart from the system’s extraordinary simplicity, the uncomplicated installation of the German-produced smart locks surprised the entire team. “The installation of the digital locks proved to be simple. The whole thing only took a few minutes,” Sophie reports. In no time, the old mechanical cylinder was replaced, and the system was ready for use. A particularly valued feature is the log that accurately records who enters the studio and when. “For such a large team, this is crucial,” emphasizes Sophie, highlighting the security aspects Tapkey provides. 

The Hi!Yoga & More team unanimously embraced the system, and Sophie’s observations confirm this:

“All our employees use the Tapkey App on their phones, and the system works seamlessly for everyone.”

The user-friendliness and reliability of the system were confirmed by the consistently positive feedback from the team. And not only that: Sophie also praises Tapkey’s excellent customer support, particularly noting the promptness in answering questions. 

“Tapkey’s customer support was great. The quick responses to questions helped us.” 

The Cost Efficiency of Tapkey

Even though the initial acquisition cost is slightly higher, Tapkey proved to be a cost-efficient solution for Hi!Yoga. By avoiding physical keys, which are not only expensive to replicate but also prone to being lost, Tapkey not only created a safer environment but also significantly reduced potential expenses. Sophie emphasizes that avoiding unexpected costs is a crucial factor for her business. Compared to traditional keys, digital keys therefore represent genuine savings. This allowed Hi!Yoga to focus on enhancing the customer experience and expanding their offerings. Cost efficiency at its finest. 

Portrait von Sophie Senoner

Interview with Sophie Senoner | Founder of H!Yoga & More

Sophie Senoner, born in 1987 in Schöneberg, is the driving force behind Hi!Yoga & More, an innovative yoga studio with multiple locations. Her yoga journey began in 2009 and led, in 2017, to turning her passion into a vocation by founding her studio. Her diverse studios offer a wide range of yoga styles – from Jivamukti to Yin Yoga – as well as Pilates and workouts.

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