The property rental industry has seen a surge in technological advancements in recent years, with numerous tools and platforms designed to simplify the rental management process. For landlords, and Airbnb hosts, one persistent challenge remains: the seamless check-in of guests. This hurdle becomes especially significant when handling multiple properties or dealing with late-night arrivals. The solution? Adopting a digital smart access system like Tapkey. Bid farewell to the hassles of traditional check-in methods and embrace a seamless, engaging experience with mobile access, for both hosts and guests. Our smart lock and the Tapkey App allow you to send keys digitally, simplifying your check-in process.

The Pain-Point: Checking in Guests

Traditional methods of checking in guests can be tiresome, time-consuming, and, at times, problematic. Imagine a situation where your guests arrive late at night or when you’re away on holiday. Arranging for a trusted person to hand over the keys can often be inconvenient. Furthermore, physical keys come with the risk of being lost, misplaced, or even duplicated, potentially posing security concerns.

Beyond the logistical challenges, an inefficient check-in process can negatively impact your guests’ experience. The last thing a weary traveller wants is a lengthy or complicated check-in process. A smooth, hassle-free experience can set the tone for a pleasant stay, leading to positive reviews and, ultimately, increased bookings.

The Solution: Mobile Keys For More Convenience

Fortunately, the digital revolution has not left the property rental sector untouched. Companies like Tapkey are pioneering smart access systems that enable self-check-ins, drastically improving the efficiency and security of your rental business. Yes, you’re hearing right: With smart locks, gone are the days of coordinating key exchanges or worrying about late-night arrivals. With Tapkey, you can send keys digitally to your guests, eliminating the need for physical keys and in-person exchanges. 

Guests receive an invitation to download the Tapkey Mobile App, which can then unlock the door using their smartphone. With a simple tap on their phone, guests can unlock the door and step into their home away from home. This process simplifies access management, providing 24/7 access to your guests without compromising on security.

Furthermore, Tapkey’s system allows you to specify access times, ensuring the keys only work within the booking period. This feature helps to enhance security by limiting access to the specific time of the guests’ stay. The result? A simplified check in process for anyone involved. More security. More convenience. 

The Satisfied Customer: Strandberge

Take the private holiday apartment rental, Strandberge, as an example. They replaced traditional keys with Tapkey’s smart locks across all their apartments, significantly streamlining their access control process. The result is a superior guest experience, where convenience and peace in mind are prioritised. Additionally, it saves precious time and resources. . Read more about Strandberge’s successful transition to Tapkey here.

The Benefits: Automation and Integration

The benefits of Tapkey don’t stop at digital keys. Recognising the growing demand for holistic rental management solutions, Tapkey provides integrations with other booking management systems and much more. This allows for the automation of key management, saving you time and making the rental process even more streamlined. 

Imagine this: a guest books your apartment. Your booking system, connected with Tapkey, sends the booking details. Tapkey, in turn, automatically sends digital keys to the guest for the duration of their stay. The digital keys expire automatically at the end of the booking period. No more logistical nightmares or concerns over access security.

Let Tapkey handle the process, from sending digital keys to guests to tracking check-ins and check-outs. Experience the power of automation and enjoy a stress-free rental management experience.

Looking to integrate smart access into your own rental or booking platform? We got you covered. Check out our integration options via API and SDK.

Welcome to the Future of Apartment Rentals

In a world where digital solutions are simplifying previously complex processes, it’s time to reimagine the way we manage rental properties. Traditional methods of check-in have served us well, but with platforms like Tapkey, we can move towards a more efficient, secure, and streamlined rental management process.

Embrace the future with Tapkey: simplify your key management, enhance your guests’ experience, and unlock the full potential of your property rental business. Self-check-in isn’t just about handing over keys anymore; it’s about providing an effortless, seamless experience that leaves your guests delighted and your business thriving.


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