Protect What’s Most Important

Protect What’s Most Important

Make your everyday life easier with Tapkey’s smart access system. Our smart locks are not only convenient and easy to use; they also offer greater control and security within your own four walls. Bid farewell to standing in front of locked doors by using your smartphone to unlock your front door in the future.

Tapkey App

Open Your Front Door Without a Key

Grant your family and loved ones access to your door remotely without the need for a key – using the Tapkey app. You can also keep track of who unlocked your door and when.

  • No more losing keys
  • Assign permissions remotely
  • Fast, seamless digital key management
  • Complete control over who enters your home
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What Our Customers Say

The Tapkey app is really well thought out and seamlessly implemented. I’ve installed the DOM Tapkey Guard S on the front door and I find it clear and easy to use.

Emanuel / 48

“As a working mum, my head is always full, which is why I sometimes leave my keys behind in the flat. With Tapkey, I now always have my key with me on my mobile phone.”

Sabine / 31

“I don’t just use Tapkey for the front door; I also use it to secure the garage and garden shed. It’s very easy to use and my wife also gets on well with the system. I give it my warmest recommendation!”

Herbert / 64

Smart Locks for Your Home

Thanks to our diverse selection of digital locks, you’ll find the right lock for every door – whether it’s a house door, garage or cupboard door.

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