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Tapkey web portal offers advanced features to simplify access management. Whether you’re in charge of a few locks or a large-scale system, our intuitive web portal ensures you stay in control with minimal effort. With all our well known features and even more, right at your fingertips.

Unlock Our Latest Feature: Units

Got big plans for your residential building? Grant access to entire apartment complexes effortlessly with our Units feature, available exclusively upon request. Perfect for property managers and landlords.

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Why You’ll Love The Web Portal


Now All You Need is the Right Hardware


You’re almost there! Pair Tapkey with our recommended smart locks to complete your streamlined access control setup. These top-of-the-line locks are designed to work seamlessly for any access scenario you’ll encounter.

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Find answers to frequently-asked questions. Discover useful articles in our our Help Center.

With the Tapkey Web Portal, assigning access is quick and easy. You can grant access permissions with just a few clicks and manage multiple access grants (=bulk operations) simultaneously for maximum efficiency.

The Units feature is an exclusive feature and is—at this moment—only available per request. It allows landlords to easily grant access to rental units, shared spaces, and more. If you’re interested, please contact us at sales@tapkey.com.

The Tapkey App unlocks even more possibilities! Next to transforming your phone into your digital key, you can also use it to manage access, track the access logs or even set up custom access schedules. Discover the full potential of Tapkey here.

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