The Success Story of RiverRoom & Tapkey 

PASSION4IT, a company specialising in innovative technology solutions, opened the RiverRoom, a creative and inspiring event space, at the beginning of this year. Christian Kirsch, Managing Director, quickly recognised the importance of digital access control to simplify the organisation of the space and ensure security. Therefore, smart locks provide a practical solution with many benefits. PASSION4IT currently uses four Tapkey smart locks in its event room, which can be opened by smartphone users as well as NFC tags. In this article, you will learn how access management works in the RiverRoom and what benefits it offers.

Simple, Smart & Cloud-Based 

PASSION4IT had clear requirements for the technology when searching for a suitable digital access control solution. In particular, the company wanted a solution that was easy to use and based on a cloud infrastructure. Another key criterion was seamless integration with their existing room booking solution anny, which is used for the RiverRoom .

“The access control solution should be simple, smart, and cloud-only,” emphasized Christian Kirsch, Managing Director at PASSION4IT.

Easy Booking with Automated Access

 In the RiverRoom, digital access is seamlessly linked to the booking process, which provides customers and partners with a straightforward and convenient solution. The booking is made through the platform “anny,” which is also integrated into Tapkey.

Through the interface, customers receive access authorization 30 minutes before the booking start time, allowing them to open the doors to the event space using the Tapkey app and prepare for their event in peace.

A particular highlight is that the access authorization is valid for the entire booking period, including setup and breakdown time. Thus, users can rely on having access to the RiverRoom at any time and focus entirely on their event without worrying about access to the venue. This seamless integration of booking and access is an excellent example of how digital technologies can facilitate and optimize event organization and space utilization. 

Digital Keys Simplify Workday 

Since the RiverRoom is well-booked and frequently used, an automated process is crucial. Christian Kirsch emphasizes the simplicity of the digital key issuance, which does not entail any additional effort. The automated process provides his customers with a seamless digital booking experience and comes with a reliable and uncomplicated access solution to the event space. 

Christian Kirsch understands: “The use of mobile keys not only offers us the advantage of reducing the risk of key loss to zero but also provides greater flexibility and convenience for the customer. Through the digital issuance of keys, the customer can easily enter the room during their booking time without worrying about the physical key.” 

In addition, revoking the digital key after the booking period expires can be done automatically and without additional effort, significantly reducing administrative overhead. Overall, the use of mobile keys not only provides greater security but also a higher level of user-friendliness. 

“Thanks to Tapkey, we can provide our customers with a seamless digital booking experience with keyless access to the event space,” says Christian Kirsch. 

Future of Building Security 

There is no doubt that the era of traditional physical keys and locks, with some exceptions, is probably over. In particular, integration into smartphones or smartwatches offers the possibility of using additional access factors such as FaceID.

Christian Kirsch is convinced that digital locks are the future of building security. If the access control system behind it is cloud-based, it can be integrated into booking systems and thus create significant added value.

In an interview with Christian Kirsch, Managing Director | PASSION4IT

Porträt von Christian Kirsch, Geschäftsführer bei PASSION4IT

Christian Kirsch is the managing director of PASSION4IT GmbH founded in 2019 in Viechtach and an expert in IT and digitalization. His competencies include IT strategy, cyber security, project management, and digital work. Thanks to years of experience and his now eight-person team, he successfully leads small and medium-sized businesses into the digital future.

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