In the charming town of Melk, located in the heart of Austria, a project is taking shape that not only blurs the boundaries between work and living space, but also demonstrates the importance of smart technology. The coworking space, Werk Drei Melk, is an integral part of the larger “Tischlerei Melk” neighbourhood development project and impresses with its innovative use of technology and its strong commitment to sustainability and community. Lukas Fürst, Managing Director of Fürst Möbel GmbH, is the driving force pushing to change the old carpentry halls into a place where people can live, work, and hang out without hurting the environment. He shares his vision and the success story behind Werk Drei Melk.

A Vision Becomes Reality

Lukas Fürst has had a diverse career, from working on sustainable fashion to managing his family’s business, which has been around for 150 years, and now he’s focused on promoting sustainable real estate projects. His inspiration came from a trip to Indonesia, where he saw how important sustainability is. When he returned to Austria, he had a vision of creating a shared workspace. Werk Drei Melk embodies the versatility of a modern coworking space. In addition to workplaces, it offers a small art stage and movement spaces – with further projects planned.

“I really want this place to be a hub for art, culture, and work,” says Lukas. The smart access solution provided by Tapkey is a big part of making that happen.

Smart Technology Meets Austrian Values

While researching for a suitable booking platform, Lukas discovered Tapkey’s access system. Several factors led him to choose Tapkey for access control at Werk Drei Melk, with the fact that Tapkey is an Austrian company at the forefront. Another important factor was its user-friendly interface. Lukas didn’t hesitate to give Tapkey a try.

“I place a lot of importance on supporting local businesses and collaborating with Austrian companies. Besides its user-friendliness, this was another reason why we opted for Tapkey,” he explains in the interview.

The Complete Package Convinces

Furthermore, Lukas was convinced by the comprehensive functionality of Tapkey. The app, the usability and the smooth installation of the system: Every aspect contributed to a cohesive experience. 

“Managing access rights in the Tapkey App is really easy. You enter the email address of the people you want to give access to and et voilà—they can open the door with their smartphone and step right in,” Lukas tells us enthusiastically.

He also emphasized that the Smart Locks are battery-powered, which ensures reliable use even in situations without a power supply. The fact that you still have access even in the event of a power failure was a decisive criterion for Lukas when choosing Tapkey. But he also particularly appreciates the “Office Mode” feature, which allows the room to be kept permanently open during events.

“Tapkey proves to be the ultimate solution for coworking spaces due to its ease of use and comprehensive functionality,” says Lukas.

The Digital Key in Everyday Work: Tapkey in Use

Day in and day out, the Tapkey Smart Lock facilitates smooth and secure access for approximately 25 users to the coworking space. This user-friendliness is particularly valuable in a dynamic work environment, where time and efficiency are crucial.  Another feature highly valued by Lukas is the access log. He sees it as a great added value for security and transparency.

The reaction of the employees and coworkers to Tapkey is also consistently positive. From young entrepreneurs to Lukas’ 78-year-old aunt—everyone uses the Tapkey App exclusively to open doors. This underlines the broad acceptance and user-friendliness of the system. This consistently positive feedback confirms the effectiveness and comfort of the Tapkey system in everyday work at Werk Drei Melk.

Lukas Fürst

Interview with Lukas Fürst | Managing Director Werk Drei Melk & Fürst Möbel GmbH

Lukas Fürst is not only Managing Director of Werk Drei Melk, but also a visionary who shows that entrepreneurial success can go hand in hand with sustainability and social commitment. With an impressive career ranging from founding a sustainable fashion label to managing the family business Fürst Möbel GmbH with over 90 employees to developing sustainable real estate, Lukas has always focused on creating positive social change. His commitment to Werk Drei Melk is a living example of his belief in the power of community and the need to create future-oriented and sustainable workspaces.

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