Coworking Management Software Solutions Overview

You seldom settle for the average in everyday life. Why should it be different when choosing your coworking space management software? A great tool takes a lot of work off your hands and helps you focus on the important thing: your community. Choosing the right solution is essential for the success of your flexible workspace. For this reason, we took a closer look at the big players and put together this overview.


We want to start with Cobot, a management software for coworking spaces and office hubs based in Berlin.

Key features: You can find all the relevant features in a simple and intuitive interface. It’s an easy way to manage your coworking space, register new members, review member data, assign tariffs or automate your billing. You can customise colors and design to give your members a consistent look and create a seamless brand experience.

Integration options: Cobot also allows you to extend your possibilities by connecting it with all the apps you already use, for example with payment tools, such as Stripe, Gocardless or Ayden. In addition, you can automate your access management with the add-on by Tapkey. Set up rules for your plans and define access areas and you’re ready to go!

Power Up Your Cobot: Tapkey & Cobot—A Perfect Match


anny is a booking platform that is particularly suitable for community areas such as coworking spaces.

Key features: You can capture live stats and occupancy, and map workspaces to scale on real maps. Members or new customers can book meeting rooms or hot desks independently. With so-called communities you can make selected resources exclusively accessible to members. You decide who can see and book the resources.

Integration options: anny also enables integration with access control systems such as Tapkey for smooth digital entry.

Book & access: anny x Tapkey makes it possible!


Locaboo is a flexible booking platform  to manage space and resources. It seamlessly accompanies the entire process from resource and customer management to booking, billing and evaluation in one software.

Key features: With Locaboo, the entire booking and occupancy process is automated with minimal administrative effort. The application examples range from meeting rooms and vehicle fleets to sports areas and event locations.

Integration options: In addition to an open and modular structure, Locaboo adapts to specific requirements and also offers extensive integration and expansion options.

Locaboo integrated Tapkey’s access technology


This management software is characterized by simplicity and meanwhile has users in more than 25 countries. For this reason, Habu may not be missing in our list.

Key features: Create new plans and adjust old plans? No problem. The management platform clearly focuses on the three areas of member management, space management and invoice automation.

Integration options: In order to optimize the payment process Habu offers an integration with Stripe and Adyen. But you can also integrate Xero, an accounting software in just a few minutes.


With Nexudus you also get a complete space management system, which is already in use in over 100 countries.

Key features: Again, there are common features such as membership management, automated billing, and email monitoring. But you can also easily book meeting rooms via the tool and keep track of everything. A cool additional feature: If you want to organise your own coworking events, you can manage the tickets directly.

Integration options: Incidentally, Nexudus offers its own interface for integrations and has already integrated with Ezeep, Stripe or Bisner. The white label app makes it possible to customise the platform to your individual needs.

Unlock Nexudus: Access Management with Tapkey.


A well-known software for the flexible management of a coworking space is OfficeR&D. It was founded in Bulgaria in 2015 and is currently used in more than 30 countries.

Key features: The features range from our own customer relationship management (CRM), member management, space management to contract management. Sit back and enjoy the benefits. Because Office R & D is designed as a complete solution and thus covers the entire user journey.

Integration possibilities: OfficeR&D offers its users access to the open API and thus enables the integration of third-party applications. In addition, compatible apps can be fully integrated, such as the booking platforms Xero and QuickBooks Online. The same applies to Paypal, GoCardless and many more.


Archie is a comprehensive management software for hybrid and flexible workspaces that streamlines operations. It offers tools for intuitive tools for space and member engagement.
Key features: Archie stands out with a range of features designed for efficient space management. From member registration and data review to tariff assignment and automated billing, Archie provides a user-friendly interface for seamless operation.
Integration options: Archie enhances its versatility by offering integration options with various third-party applications. Connect Archie with popular payment tools like Stripe or with Google Calendar for easier time management. 


Optix is ​​a mobile coworking software that equally impresses managers and members of coworking spaces. The interfaces are simple and intuitive.

Key features: Allow your members to easily book desks and view the availability of meeting rooms in real-time and book it with just one click. Interact with the community and get all your billings generated automatically.

Integration options: To create custom workflows, Optix also offers interactions with a variety of apps. From Google Calendar to Slack to Zendesk: Optix lets you connect your beloved apps in one platform. It also offers a white label app.

Yardi Kube

Furthermore we would like to introduce you to the Yardi Kube platform. The software is designed as an all-in-one solution. The big difference to the already mentioned software: KUBE offers both hardware and software support.

Key features: The software provides easy member management, where all coworker information is automatically registered and made accessible. A separate booking calendar simplifies the management of meeting rooms & co.

Integration options: The software offers an open API and enables seamless integration into different payment, marketing and financial applications.


Whether for business centers or flexible workspaces: Zapfloor, a management software from Belgium, makes your everyday life easier.

Key features: You see all the important data in a dashboard, from the degree of utilization of your space to open invoices. All information is generated automatically and you do not have to worry about it. Of course, you can also book and manage meeting rooms via the tool.

Integration options: In addition, you have the opportunity to integrate more apps. If you work with Xeros, Stripe, PaperCutMF, you can easily integrate them. To give your coworkers a consistent experience across multiple venues, Zapfloor also offers a white label solution.


Another software, that is primarily designed to enhance the coworking space member experience, is Spacebring.

Key features: The software allows coworking space customers to reserve meeting rooms, book desks for a day, discover more value-added services and communicate via stream community newsfeed. The meeting room display feature allows visitors to view a real-time schedule at the meeting room door.

Integration options: It offers a range of integrations to improve the coworking customer experience: payments, support ticketing, customer messaging, access control and printing.

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