Centro arte e cultura opera x Tapkey

Everybody knows this mighty red-tiled and white-ribbed dome. There is no doubt that the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore has made the silhouette of Florence incredible famous. Among this architectural masterpiece sits the‚ Centro arte e cultura opera arts and cultural centre. Guess what?! Tapkey made it inside the building, because our partner DOM Security equipped it with smart locks based our secure mobile access technology.

How come? The centre provides space for events, meetings, exhibitions and seminars—everything an artist’s heart desires. There are also offices and other areas to rent here, including the wonderful inner courtyard of this building. Sophisticated conference technology, from audio to video, is an additional attraction for many users within these ancient walls. The technical equipment for a business like this also includes an efficient and secure electronic locking system with access control. And that’s exactly where Tapkey comes into play.

In order to easily manage these 330 square meters, our hardware partner DOM Security equipped the centre with Tapkey DOM cylinders. True to the motto: History meets state-of-the-art technology. The comprehensive certifications and the associated high degree of security convinced all along the line. Of course, the local DOM sales team installed the digitals cylinders and programmed the transponders as well. They are an ideal alternative to smartphone-based access and don’t require batteries.

That’s why the electronic locks can be opened with transponders or via smartphones. Besides that, all doors can be opened at any time without an internet connection—something the centre explicitly requested. The cylinders and transponders can be configured easily and quickly via the app. Individual access permissions are also easy to manage. It is possible to set time restrictions and limit access only to specific rooms for example.

The customers are extremely pleased with the outcome. Let’s see what the future brings. The nearby cathedral museum also needs an access control solution.

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