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Tapkey enhances the management of your coworking space by simplifying daily operations and streamlining access control processes. No need to manually grant access for your booking-related permissions anymore. What are you waiting for? Connect your coworking software with Tapkey for a more efficient and convenient coworking space operation. 

Benefits For You

Optimize Every Corner of Your Space


All-in-one control over bookings, access rights, and user activity. Slash administrative hours and focus on growth.

Users can access your space contactlessly using their smartphones. A hassle-free booking and access solution your clients will love. 

Tapkey’s cloud-based service ensures you remain at the helm of your space’s security, no matter your global location.

How It Works


Remember the times when a booking confirmation meant manually handing over keys or distributing access cards? Those days are now behind us. Our Add-Ons simplify and smarten the entire process.

Now, whenever a desk or room gets booked, the user is automatically granted access. The best part? They can simply use their smartphone to unlock the doors, ensuring a hassle-free experience. 

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Book & Access


Utilize the Tapkey Add-Ons to upgrade and smoothen processes in your coworking space. Grant access automatically—the smart way.

The Add-Ons

Unlock Your Coworking Space


Instant Access with the Tapkey App

Customers can instantly access and unlock doors based on their permissions or purchases. All this convenience is available directly from their mobile device running the Tapkey App.

All Features of the Tapkey App Get in touch

Smart Locks for Your Coworking Space


Smart Locks for Your Coworking Space

Choose from the biggest selection of compatible smart locks on the market. Professional products that “go beyond the door”.

All Your Questions Answered


The integration streamlines and smartens the access control process. When a space is booked via your coworking software, users automatically get access permissions, allowing them to use their smartphones to open doors, thus eliminating manual key handovers and reducing errors.

Yes. They simply have to install the Tapkey App, which is available for Android as well as iOS and for the Apple Watch.

For a detailed walkthrough of each function of this integration, you can have a look in our helpcenter.

There is no extra charge to use the Coworking Add-Ons.

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