New products are constantly being developed and launched in the world of access control. The Tapkey platform is also growing. Which product is best suited for which application? Here you will get a brief overview and an introduction to the different form factors and their areas of use. Maybe we can help you with your purchase decision.

Everything for House, Apartment and Office Doors 

We have great hardware partners who have a wide range of battery operated electronic locks. They are available in numerous versions: e.g. as knob cylinder or half cylinder, compatible with Euro profile and Swiss round profile. These smart locks are particularly suitable for entrance doors where escutcheons cannot be installed. Contrary to the general prejudices against electronic door locks, the lock cylinders are easy to install and do not require any major modifications.

Door escutcheons and door handles can also be found in the range of locks, which are based on Tapkey technology. They can be mounted on almost any door and are therefore the ideal solution for interior doors in coworking spaces, residential or office buildings. Think of meeting or common rooms that are used by several people or should only be used by certain people. Due to the flexible change of access authorisations, meeting and conference rooms can be used individually and for a limited time.

Something For The Entrance Door?

What about entrances where escutcheons or cylinders cannot be attached, such as central entrance doors that are used by several parties? We also have a solution here: the Smart Reader. The wall reader is usually placed next to the entrance door and has to be wired. In our office, the wall reader was installed behind the intercom and can be opened using Bluetooth and NFC. This ensures intuitive, quick operation when entering the residential building. The wall reader is also suitable for other areas of application such as barriers, garage doors and elevators.

Secure Self Storage Units and Containers

The demand for external storage space is growing constantly, especially in urban areas. Our technology enables you to provide 24/7 access to storage units—with mobile access control. The high-quality furniture lock, DOM Tapkey LoQ, is not only suitable for the self-storage area, but also for parcel boxes in the area of unattended delivery. If you need additional tips on how to secure your self storage: This way, please!

Construction sites need ways to store their expensive tools. They also want to enable suppliers to deliver materials. The padlock makes it possible! It is a portable and secure lock with a shackle that is particularly suitable for basement compartments or containers on construction sites.

Unlock Cabinet Doors And Parcel Boxes

Whether in the office, in the coworking space or at home: You want to know important documents, such as certificates, contracts, family certificates, in safety. A lockable closet is needed. You can choose between two products, which arbe based on the Tapkey technology. They only differ in the assembly. One product is the high-quality furniture lock, DOM Tapkey LoQ — mounted from the outside. The cabinet lock is also suitable for lockers, rolling cabinets and boxes. It can be installed within the piece of furniture without prior knowledge.

These two products can also be installed in so-called parcel boxes to create a new delivery experience. The customer can pick up the parcel at any time by unlocking the parcel box with the smartphone.

Person öffnet Schrank mit Smartphone

Unlock Cars With Just One Click

We also have a perfect retrofit solution for fleet management, car rental and car sharing providers, the car sharing box from WITTE Digital. This can be easily managed with the flinkey app. Soon an OBD2 dongle will be developed which, in addition to collecting telemetry data, will also allow access via smartphone. More about that in the future! Speaking of telematics, do you already know the top 12 telematics device manufacturers?

Tapkey Platform is Getting Bigger

The Tapkey platform is growing, because more and more lock manufacturers and system integrators are recognising the potential of mobile access. There are many reasons to integrate with Tapkey. On the one hand, hardware partners can address new target groups and markets and increase sales. On the other hand, system integrators benefit from the wide product range or large number of form factors. What does that mean specifically? An example from the field of self-storage: Extraplatz, one of the first fully automated self-storages, has integrated our technology into its own software and can now automatically assign authorisations. You can choose from a variety of locks—completely manufacturer independent. Are you also interested in such an integration? Check out if an integration makes sense here.  

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