Success Story: Dance Club and Tapkey

Dance clubs are stages for movement, joy, and coming together. In this milieu, access control plays a crucial backstage role. The board of the dance sports club in Mainz, one of the largest dance sports clubs in Rheinland-Pfalz, shares their experience with Tapkey’s digital access control solution at their premises. The digital key management system not only enhances security but also simplifies daily routines. Read on to discover the other benefits it offers.

Equipping the Dance Club with Smart Locks

The Dance Club Rot-Weiss Casino Mainz has a clubroom located in a municipal sports hall. What’s special? The access to this clubroom is equipped with Tapkey locks. For about three years now, they have been relying on Tapkey Smart Locks, making it easier for members to access the room without needing to get a key beforehand. As of the end of May, the club has also opened a dance sports centre with two halls, where Tapkey locks have been installed to ensure easy access.

Efficient Key Management in the Club

For over ten years, the club has had a clubroom in a municipal sports hall, to which members need access. The challenge was to enable members to access the facilities without having to acquire a physical key beforehand. The club president, having had personal experience with Tapkey, suggested installing Tapkey locks at the entrances to the clubroom.

Since then, the Tapkey Smart Locks have been installed at the doors of the clubroom, and also in the recently opened dance sports centre, to ensure easy access. The installation of the smart locks was straightforward, and the set up with the Tapkey App was quickly and easily done.

The use of Tapkey has brought relief to the club members. The approximately 200 authorized individuals have found the handling of digital key management to be very straightforward. Previously, access was only possible via an expensive and limited key system provided by the city administration. With Tapkey, keys can now be granted digitally and in real-time, significantly simplifying management as well as tracking.

More Security and Better Tracking

The transition from conventional physical keys to digital keys has brought many benefits. Previously, access was only possible via a key system provided by the city administration. This system offered a limited number of keys that were quite expensive, costing around EUR 150 each. Often keys had to be passed on, making key tracking very difficult. The introduction of Tapkey has simplified and improved this process.

Another advantage of using digital locks is the increased security. Members behave more responsibly in the rooms, knowing that access can be logged. This has a positive impact on the club’s security and the protection of its facilities.

The Rhythm of Transformation

Digital transformation does not stop at dance clubs. By using Tapkey Smart Locks, the Dance Club Rot-Weiss Casino Mainz was able to simplify and improve its access control significantly. The members appreciate the easy handling and increased security.

Our interviewee Markus Mengelkamp has an important piece of advice for other (dance) clubs thinking about switching to Smart Locks: “Choose an access solution that is easy to use and manage. Tapkey has convinced us in this regard.”

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