Renting apartments and holiday homes is not an easy task

The competition is high especially due to professional and established hostels and high expectations from travellers. Whether you rent privately or commercially: These 6 helpful tips make life easier for you.

Diversity makes the difference

The market is booming: fewo-direkt, Airbnb and 9Flats are just a few online platforms that deal with short-term rental of apartments. Sometimes it also makes sense to try smaller portals that specialize in specific types of real estate and target groups. These platforms may have fewer visitors but you might end up receiving more enquiries. What are you waiting for? Promote your apartment on different platforms.

Organisation is half the battle

Most apartment and holiday rental platforms provide you with a booking calendar. Whether you use that one or decide to work with the calendar of your email program or a paper-based planner, make sure to update your booking status on a daily basis. Alternatively you can also use reservation systems such as smoobu. It automatically takes over and synchronizes the bookings from different portals. So you can see availabilities at any time and avoid double bookings. True to the motto: A tidy house, a tidy mind.

No more key handovers!

The subject of key handover causes headache. Sounds familiar to you? A smart access solution makes it easier for hosts to hand over keys as it works virtually. What does it take? Only a smart lock, e.g. the Tapkey Smart Lock, and a mobile phone. After the easy and quick installation you can register and assign access permissions with just one click. Without a physical key. Nice side effect: You save a lot of time and cost.

Automate your accommodation

Especially if you own several properties, it is difficult to be in several places at the same time. Your life is greatly facilitated by automated accommodation. As mentioned above, this starts with intelligent access management. But also heating and air conditioning can be controlled automatically. In addition softwares like HEIKO help you to carry out the heating bill easily by yourself.

Provide helpful information

Regardless of whether you welcome guests personally or not, you should provide some insider tips for your guests. For example, you can provide brochures from nearby restaurants and bars. Also directions and information about public transport are very helpful especially for city trips. Once prepared and organized, you prevent your guests calling you in case of questions. Little effort, big benefit.

Review, please!

Go ahead  and ask your guests for ratings and feedback. These are often an important decision-making tool for other guests. Remember, sometimes less is more. Emphasize why the opinions of the guests are important to you. The best way to phrase your message is to express genuine interest in feedback. This increases your chances of welcoming new guests in your apartment or house.

Et voilà –short-term rental made easy!

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