The SUP Sportclub Graz isn’t just a poster child for watersports in the region; it’s also setting the standard in access management, thanks to Tapkey’s smart access solution. With around 50 enthusiastic recreational paddlers and an impressive performance group, the club has not only boosted its efficiency but also taken its security to new heights with the flexible access system. So far, the club has equipped four wooden-clad containers with Tapkey’s smart padlocks—combining functionality and smartness with ease. In this success story, Holger Hassenpflug, a passionate water sports enthusiast and designated Tapkey admin of the club, shares some exciting insights.

How Tapkey Made the Cut

Holger explains that the decision for Tapkey was based on the need for a flexible, waterproof, and decentralized access system capable of accommodating up to 60 members—a considerable challenge, to say the least. However, Tapkey not only met but exceeded expectations. Installing the padlocks was as effortless for Holger as mastering a river wave, and they were swiftly deployed on the four containers. 

Given that many members leave their smartphones in lockers before hitting the water, the club relies on waterproof NFC tags or wristbands. Each member gets an NFC tag to unlock the containers, while Holger, the admin, manages all access permissions effortlessly via his phone. He assigns permissions based on membership fee payments. Changes are made in a flash, ensuring only members can access the premises and equipment.

The Key to Happiness: Why Members Love Tapkey

During the summer, up to 30 club members use Tapkey daily to gain simultaneous access to four different containers. The feedback? Positive through and through! 

“The feedback from club members is consistently positive. They especially appreciate the uncomplicated handling of Tapkey. It’s more than just technology; Tapkey provides a level of comfort that our members experience every day.” says Holger Hassenpflug.

Even in the event of someone forgetting their NFC tag or wristband, there’s no need to worry. Thanks to Tapkey’s digital keys, the day is saved. The forgetful ones get instant access via the Tapkey App, and the problem is solved. This smart access technology has propelled the club into a wave of simplicity, enhancing the overall experience for its members.

More Than Just a Lock: How Tapkey Contributes to More Safety

Tapkey has made the SUP Sportclub Graz not just more efficient but safer too. The cherry on top? Access is traceable in Tapkey’s access protocol, adding an extra layer of security and trust. The fact that Tapkey’s padlocks are made directly in Germany, with the software coming from Vienna, Austria—is another bonus.

Holger, the SUP hero and Tapkey admin, is convinced: “Tapkey is more than an access system; it’s an essential component for the efficient and secure management of our club.”

And we couldn’t agree more. The ease of use, flexibility in assigning access rights, and traceability thanks to the access protocol make Tapkey an indispensable part of the efficient and secure management of the club. Thus, the SUP Sportclub Graz continues to ride the wave of success, focusing on what counts: watersports and the passion for paddling.

Interview with Holger Hassenpflug

Holger Hassenpflug, is a passionate water sports enthusiast, avid stand-up paddler, and administrator of the Tapkey system for the SUP Sportclub Graz. He ensures that club members can access their equipment and facilities smoothly and securely; merging the world of watersports with the efficiency of Tapkey.

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