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The smart booking system Locaboo has now integrated Tapkey, enabling customers to enjoy keyless access to their spaces. With room booking, employees, business partners and even tradesmen gain automated access to office and event space.

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Compatible Hardware

In order to automate access to the room booking, an electronic lock must be installed in the respective room in advance. Whether cylinder, wall reader or furniture lock: We offer a variety of electronic locks from different manufacturers, including DOM Security.

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Highly Versatile

Cities & Municipalities
Access to administrative buildings, municipal sports facilities or event areas

Automated access to office space—not only for employees, but also for customers, business partners or tradesmen

Sports Clubs
Access for club members, cleaning staff or guests—without having to hand over keys on site

Public Facilities
Make swimming pools and ice rinks accessible to everyone—without the need for a physical key

How it works

Customers book an appointment in the Locaboo booking system or via a widget on the customer’s website. After confirmation of the online booking, access authorisation is automatically granted for the corresponding electric locks during the booked time slot. The customer makes their way to the location and opens the respective doors using the Tapkey app.


Some requirements…

In order to provide customers with direct access to rooms, sports facilities and other premises via the booking software, the following steps must be performed in advance:


Create Locaboo account

Sign in with your email address

Tapkey Connect

Connect Locaboo with Tapkey

Under Settings/Integrations

TApkey App

Install electronic locks

Smart locks

Configure locks in Locaboo

Under “Edit resource”


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