Not all smart locks are the same. Especially for outdoor use, digital locks must have certain technical features to be secure and reliable. In this article, we’ve summarized for you some important aspects that outdoor digital locks should have, as well as an overview of Tapkey compatible locks that are suitable for entry. 

Offline Compatible

Outdoor smart locks must have advanced security features, such as two-factor authentication, to prevent unauthorized opening. You can find out more about Tapkey’s security here. Especially outdoors, digital locks should always be ready for use. This is true even during power outages. Therefore, offline capability is an important consideration when looking for the right smart lock. Not every electronic locking system is coupled to an in-building power grid. Besides our Tapkey Smart Lock, many other cylinders also work with their own battery or rechargeable batteries. Thus, you can easily access the premises without internet, even in the basement compartment.


While every Tapkey-compatible lock works without an internet connection, not every one is suitable for outdoor use. The issue of weather resistance is without question the most important criterion for a smart lock for the front door (even if it’s covered). Outdoor smart locks must be able to withstand extreme weather conditions, such as rain, snow, heat, and cold. Made of rugged materials, they are protected against rust and corrosion. The Tapkey Smart Lock, as well as the half cylinder and padlock, for example, can withstand temperature ranges from -25 to +65 °C. The housing is also protected according to IP65 and thus weatherproof. More technical details can be found in the respective data sheets (see table).

Smart Locks für das Freie


Another requirement for outdoor use: fire resistance. This is an significant feature that a digital lock for the entrance area should have for two reasons. First, it ensures that the lock has the necessary resistance class in the event of a fire and inhibits the spread of fire as best as possible. On the other hand, fire protection must ensure that people in the building are protected and escape routes can be used in the event of fire or other extreme situations. Tapkey locking devices have the necessary fire resistance class certifications to do this: the Tapkey Smart Lock, for example, will withstand a fire for at least 90 minutes and has a T90 certification. This gives you time to get people who are inside the building to safety.

Smart Locks for Outdoors

There are many different smart locks for outdoors and the features can vary depending on the model. It’s important to consider the specific requirements for your area of use before choosing a particular lock. Therefore, in the table below, we have listed these diversities to help you find the right lock for your individual use case. These proven solutions are easy to install.

Locks Tapkey Smart Lock DOM Tapkey AccessManager (HiSec Variante) Tapkey HalfcylinderTapkey PadlockÜLock EinsteckschlossDOM Tapkey Guard S
POWER SUPPLY No, runs on battery Yes, standard switch box or PoE No, runs on battery No, runs on battery Battery or external power supply (inductive) No, runs on battery
WATER RESISTANCE Yes, water resistant (IP65) Yes, water resisant(IP54) Yes, waterproof (IP65) Yes, waterproof (IP65) Yes Yes, waterproof (IP66)
FIRERESISTANCE 90 minutes (T90) No 90 minutes (T90) 90 minutes (T90) Yes, the premium version (T90) 90 minutes (T90)
OPERATING TEMPERATURE -25 to + 65°Celsius -25 to + 65°Celsius -25 to + 65°Celsius -25 to + 65°Celsius -10°C to +50°Celsius -25 to + 65°Celsius
DRILLING PROTECTION** Yes n/a Yes Yes n/a n/a
VANDALISM PROTECTION Not included Offers limited protection Not included Not included Yes, due to invisible shoring Yes
COMPABILITY WITH MECHANICAL KEY No Depends on the door No No Yes Yes
USE CASES Outdoor & inside use for shared workspaces, the office or your home Exterior & interior doors of office buildings, apartment buildings, etc. For outdoors & inside. Garages, closet doors and more For outdoors & inside. Gates, barns, containers and cellar compartments Almost any door (outside & inside) for offices, stores, family houses and more. Outside & inside. Home, coworking spaces, and more.
DATASHEETS Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet

* Must match the door or lock! Ask your local security expert.
**Must match the door hardware! Ask your local security expert.


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