Life without Mobile Access: Hardly imaginable!

Working from home, webinars, and Zoom team events – these are just a few of the spin-offs that have arisen as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the majority of people no longer want to work from home exclusively. Many miss interacting with colleagues in the kitchen or having lunch together in the cantine. Consequently, businesses don’t need to worry too much about adjusting their office hours. However, they do still need to adapt to the new world of work.

This is not only true in terms of personnel and organizational development; it is also the case in terms of technologies that were already taken for granted, but were still considered “exotic” in many businesses, and have now been introduced or are being further optimized. This is certainly true in the area of access control – from antimicrobial fittings and cylinders to contactless alternatives.

Mobile access solutions are on the rise

The fact that the covid-19 crisis has highlighted the need for contactless access control solutions is also evidenced by a study conducted by HID Global on the demand for mobile access. Fifty percent of the organizations surveyed have already implemented mobile solutions, are in the process of making the switch to such solutions, or plan to do so in the near future. By contrast, this figure was only 31%¹ in 2019. We can therefore conclude that mobile credentials are perceived as more secure and convenient credential tools.

Mobile access as a logical next step

The new world of work is simply no longer conceivable without mobile access control. Flexible working hours allow employees to choose their own working hours. Many freelancers or developers would rather work at night than during the day. It is only in rare cases that employees go in and out at the same time every day. Temporary or one-time access is also required in certain situations, which is where you can reap the benefits of keyless access. There is no need to hand over keys physically, while permissions can be granted or revoked at the click of a button. Efficiency and flexibility are the right keywords in this context…so it’s not surprising that major office-as-a-service providers like SKEPP, otherwise known as “the Airbnb for office space,” are working with providers of flexible and digital access control solutions. Regardless of the area of use – whether the entrance door, the meeting room or the closet door – the right product can be found super quickly.

Mobile access as a complementary feature

Although the coronavirus pandemic was not the only factor that contributed to mobile authentication being increasingly accepted and promoted by society, it was certainly a clear driver. Adopting a holistic approach to digitalization is paramount. At the same time, regarding access as part of the whole means not ignoring the issue of integrations. You can read more about this here. Security, mobility and a seamless user experience are three key factors influencing this development.



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