We Start Spaces x Tapkey: The Success Story

The way we design and manage our workplaces is changing a lot these days. Bernd Pohl, co-founder of We Start Spaces GmbH, recognized this dynamic and the need for innovative solutions early on. With his experience as a co-founder of several software startups and his desire to bring the spirit of New Work to Saarbrücken, he wanted to find a cool new way to run the Halle4 coworking space.

We Start Spaces was looking for a suitable access control solution…

The mission was clear: find an access system that not only syncs with their management software Cobot, doesn’t cost a fortune, but also matches the innovative vibe of We Start Spaces. Sounds simple, right? Not quite. But then the team at We Start Spaces came across Tapkey. Our innovative solution provided exactly the flexibility and functionality they needed at a price that was manageable for them.

“We were keen to digitise our coworking space from day one. From a digital booking system to a digital payment system to a modern, digital access control,” explains Bernd Pohl.

And they found Tapkey.

Thanks to Tapkey, We Start Spaces transformed into a digital pioneer — and this has been the case since 2021. With over 20 smart locks in place, security is ensured while access management reaches new heights. In addition, two more smart locks are installed at the entrance doors, and one is used for access to the underground garage. Even the installation proved to be “surprisingly simple” and was successfully managed.

Digital access control simplifies the workday 

The introduction of Tapkey brought We Start Spaces a new dimension of flexibility in how they operate. By combining modern access control with digital tools, they have not only increased efficiency but also contributed to a positive perception of the coworking space. 

“Tapkey has really made our workday easier. Its flexibility and clever features have given us a good reputation and made things smooth for everyone using it,” Bernd explains.

Tapkey Enjoys Great Popularity 

The enthusiasm for the Tapkey solution among the employees and customers of We Start Spaces is undeniable. About 50-70 people enter and exit daily, with over 90% using the iOS and Android apps to open the doors. 

“Great flexibility and positive feedback all around are what immediately come to mind when I think about Tapkey’s innovative system,” emphasizes Bernd.

Outlook at the Coworking Future

Based on his experiences, Bernd recommends the coworking industry to focus on trends such as flexibility and diverse workspace options, as well as the integration of digital tools for community management. This includes flexible space offerings from open space to focus space to team offices, as well as an appealing café bar to build community. Digital tools support space management. This includes digital access control as well.

Portrait of Bernd Pohl

Interview mit Bernd Pohl | Co-Founder of We Start Spaces GmbH 

Bernd Pohl, co-founder of We Start Spaces GmbH, is a visionary entrepreneur and dedicated supporter of startups. With his many years of experience in the startup scene and his role as state spokesperson for the Startup Association, he advocates for innovation, entrepreneurship, and creative work. His numerous awards and his involvement as a lecturer at Gründercampus Saarland underscore his expertise and commitment to supporting founders.

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