VfL Herrenberg e.V. x Tapkey – A Success Story

All sports clubs have special access management requirements. With high membership numbers, extensive sports grounds and remote access points, managing access using physical keys is just unimaginable! Smart access enables you to bid farewell to time-consuming administration while ensuring seamless handling of mobile keys.

VfL Herrenberg, a large sports club near Stuttgart with almost 5,500 members, has opted for smart access with Tapkey. In two sports club centers, the “VfL Center”, i.e. the center of the club, the many members train in 20 different departments and in the club gym. A lot of locking authorizations are of course needed for the huge number of staff, exercise instructors and volunteers.

“We wanted to rely on a modern, smart solution so as not to waste unnecessary time with registration.” – David Schubert-Medinger

To manage the members, including the different tariffs and departments, the Tapkey system is utilized alongside the room management tool Locaboo. Together they form the ideal solution for the sports club. The club relies on Tapkey Smart Locks and DOM Tapkey Guard Slimline fittings.

The benefits that the club will reap are clear: tailor-made locking authorizations can be assigned in a fraction of a second, while the club retains control of the entire system at all times via the locking log.

“The ease of use was a key reason for choosing Tapkey. Managing the facility as an admin on a smartphone is an absolute game changer compared to the previous systems we used.” – David Schubert-Medinger

David Schubert Medinger

David Schubert-Medinger is Deputy Managing Director at VfL Herrenberg e.V. and is responsible for the service area in the VfL Center and implementation of the “Tapkey” project across all the club’s properties.

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