In the heart of Vienna, New Wave Gym stands as a testament to modern-day gyms. It’s not just their approach to fitness that sets them apart; it’s their embrace of digital innovation in managing their space. Beyond their dynamic classes, they’ve upped their game by integrating state-of-the-art smart access control five years ago—ensuring their members enjoy a smooth and secure access experience every time they enter the gym. Read more here.

From Old-School Metal Keys to Mobile Keys

But, like any great success story, their journey began with a shift from the old ways to the new, and in this case, from traditional keys to digital ease. Before adopting Tapkey, New Wave Gym had experience with another access control system. However, it quickly became evident that not all solutions are built to stand the test of time. After thorough research and deliberation, they made the pivotal decision to switch to Tapkey, a decision that would transform the way they operated.

“When searching for a digital access control solution, our top priorities were user-friendliness and reliability. Tapkey not only met those essential criteria but exceeded our expectations. Additionally, the installation was super easy and done within a few minutes.” says Ellena from New Wave. 

Sticking With Tapkey For Over Half a Decade 

Fun fact: New Wave Gym was one of the first gyms to install Tapkey’s smart lock.  This steadfast partnership has proven its worth year after year. Now for over five years, Tapkey Smart Locks have been at the forefront of New Wave Gym’s operations, seamlessly securing their main entrance. It’s the gateway where approximately 100 dedicated members and trainers pass through each day, and it’s always a breeze. Whether they’re using their smartphone to open the door or NFC tags—not a single hiccup was found. It’s a testament to Tapkey’s unwavering reliability and New Wave Gym’s commitment to providing the best experience for their valued members. 

Providing Smooth Access To Members

The decision to adopt Tapkey was more than a technology upgrade. It represented a promise to deliver a secure and easy access experience to their members. This commitment has paid off handsomely. Both, the feedback of their members and staff has been overwhelmingly positive. They love how convenient mobile keys are, especially when compared to the hassles of losing or misplacing traditional keys during intense workouts or in their gym bags. Moreover, they appreciated the added bonus of having a comprehensive access log, essentially a digital record of everyone coming and going. This not only bolsters security but also provides valuable insights into facility usage patterns.  It’s like having a digital security guard and a helpful receptionist rolled into one.

When asked if they would recommend Tapkey to other fitness studios or businesses, New Wave Gym’s response was a resounding:

“Absolutely. It’s simple and reliable. With Tapkey, you’re not merely investing in technology; you’re investing in trust, reliability, and the future of your business.”


About New Wave Gym 

New Wave Gym is a personal training studio and shared space dedicated to both fitness and dance, rented out to upto twenty trainers, catering to both ballet enthusiasts and HIIT warriors alike.

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