New Work and Mobile Access

In times of globalisation and digitalisation, both the way in which we work and where we work have fundamentally changed. This has accelerated dramatically since the onset of the pandemic in 2020. The world of work is undergoing major transformation and profound changes and words like “New Work” are used much more often. But what is it, and does this buzzword really create added value? What role does mobile access play in this? Essentially, New Work is a liberal philosophical approach to thinking, founded by the social philosopher Frithjof Bergmann back in the late 1970s.

Working day with New Work: What role does mobile access control play in this?

Flexible working is the cornerstone of the New Work philosophy. This ranges from work-life blending to flexible times, to being able to arrange for yourself when you come into the office. In the process, permanently rented office space makes way for dynamic coworking spaces. Temporary workstations are rented when they’re needed. Without too much effort, booking platforms such as LocabooCobot or anny are used to rent the space when a change of scenery from working at home is required. Everyone knows that physically handing over keys is a relic from the past and has no place in the flexible New Work approach. The digital keys are immediately sent when a room is booked. This way, the users can open the door to the coworking area or to certain conference rooms directly via their mobile phone. You can find a list of the 8 best coworking softwares here.

“Especially when it comes to ensuring flexible work structures, digitalization was and remains the key enabler. Solutions like Tapkey are therefore an ideal extension, especially in a coworking environment, to make the flexibility of the new working world even more seamless”, says Andreas Michel, Managing Partner of Locaboo.

New Work is all about being free to choose where you work

Fixed assigned workstations are no longer necessary, while desks are now shared. This means that a new workstation can be chosen every day. Furniture locks can be utilized if there are physical documents that need to be handed over or kept safe. From lockers and roll containers to boxes and parcel boxes, everything can be locked with mobile access and colleagues can be granted access when needed (even when working from home).

“While Frithjof Bergmann identified independence, freedom and participation in society as the central values of New Work, more than 40 years later the picture is not all that different. Individualisation, more flexible work arrangements and the desire for self-fulfilment are central aspects of the new working world as we know it today.” – Andreas Michel, Managing Partner at Locaboo

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