In our quest for efficiency and convenience, both as individuals and within organizations, there’s often a gap when it comes to managing access to physical spaces. But now, with the integration of Tapkey with Google Calendar, that gap is closing. This Add-On has revolutionized operations for businesses and organizations, bringing together digital scheduling and physical access control seamlessly.  Let’s have a closer look at how this integration is making a difference, uncovering its distinct benefits and real-world applications.

Seamless Integration for Effortless Access

Imagine: your calendar isn’t just a passive tool for scheduling, but an active participant in managing access to your spaces. With Tapkey’s integration into Google Calendar, this isn’t just a possibility; it’s a reality. By linking scheduled events with access permissions, organisations, and individuals, can ensure that participants have access to the necessary spaces precisely when they need it, no sooner, no later.  No more waiting around or fumbling with keys—just smooth, hassle-free access.

Real-World Applications in Action

Our initial announcement about the Google Calendar integration covered the broad strokes and the different ways one can use the Add-On. Now let’s see how this integration shines in different scenarios:

Elevating Guest Experiences in Hospitality

First impressions count, especially in hospitality. Imagine a guest arriving at a hotel (or your Airbnb) and, instead of waiting at the check-in desk, they proceed directly to their room, access granted seamlessly via their smartphone, synced with their check-in time on Google Calendar. This level of convenience and efficiency not only enhances the guest experience, but also streamlines operations, reducing wait times and improving staff productivity. More on automated self-check-in and practical examples here.

Accessing Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces thrive on flexibility and community. Tapkey’s integration facilitates both by enabling members to book and access meeting rooms or desks directly through Google Calendar. This autonomy empowers members to manage their schedules and space needs efficiently, fostering a more dynamic and collaborative coworking environment. Importantly, this solution stands as a cost-effective alternative to expensive coworking management software, ensuring accessibility doesn’t come with a hefty price tag. Continue reading here on coworking spaces and how to manage access smartly.

Is Google Calendar not the right solution for you? Have a look at the broad range of coworking software Add-Ons. From Cobot to Nexudus—access your coworking space with Tapkey. Discover all Add-Ons.

Maximizing Educational Facilities

Schools and universities can efficiently manage access to facilities like lecture halls and labs by syncing Google Calendar with Tapkey. Scheduling classes and study sessions on Google Calendar can automatically grant students and faculty access to the rooms they need when they need them, minimising disruptions and maximising the utilization of educational resources. Check out one of our long-time customers, the University of Rijeka—who is using our Tapkey Smart Lock for their access control management.

Beyond Specific Scenarios

This integration isn’t just limited to these scenarios—it’s adaptable to any situation where door access needs to be managed for groups or individuals at flexible times. Even if your particular scenario wasn’t explicitly mentioned, rest assured that the flexibility and functionality of this integration can be tailored to meet your unique requirements. This adaptability ensures that no matter the complexity or specificity of your access management needs, you can harness the power of this innovative solution to enhance security, convenience, and operational efficiency across the board.

Your Path to Efficiency Starts Here

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your spaces with unparalleled convenience and efficiency? Here’s how: Dive into the world of seamless access management by trying out the Tapkey and Google Calendar integration today. Witness first-hand how your daily operations can be transformed with just a few clicks. Get Started with the Tapkey Google Calendar Add-On.

But remember, the foundation of any access management system lies in its hardware.  Discover our range of compatible smart locks designed to suit various needs and environments. Whether you’re managing a coworking space, a hospitality venture, or any other space, we have a smart lock solution for you.

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