The Hive x Tapkey – A Success Story

At The Hive, a functional fitness and cross-training facility, customers can expect both wonderful training programs and a modern access control system. Since 2017, the gym chain has relied on Tapkey smart locks. Daniel Sommer, co-owner of The Hive, tells us why they opted for the electronic keys. 


Access to the CrossFit Box via smartphone

The Hive aims to make functional training accessible to everyday gym enthusiasts (via smartphone). Guided group classes with trained coaches result in high levels of motivation and ensure the exercises are correctly performed at all levels. In addition to the well-known cross class, there is gymnastics, open gym, yoga, mobility, lifting, competition training, masters class, etc. So there really is something for everyone! This great offering can be enjoyed across three different locations.

In order to offer members a seamless way to access the studios and open gym at any time, the search was on for a mobile access solution.

“We used a competitor’s product before coming across Tapkey. However, it had problems with longevity and numerous malfunctions. That’s why we were looking for an alternative.” – Christoph Zettl, Founder (CrossFit Urkraft, now The Hive). 

It didn’t take long to convince the members as the product was very well received by crossfitters. Each member receives an NFC transponder in the form of a tag upon registration, which can be used to open the doors. The Tapkey system is growing in popularity due to its simple, straightforward usability.

“We wanted to keep it simple and straightforward, and that’s where Tapkey’s solution came in best.” – Daniel Sommer, Co-Owner of The Hive.


Why a smart access solution?

The biggest benefit is the way access control functions perfectly. The smart locks are mounted on the exterior doors. It doesn’t matter whether there’s snow, rail or hail – the Tapkey locking system can withstand even the worst of weather conditions.


In an interview with Daniel Sommer, co-owner and authorised signatory

Daniel Sommer is a sports scientist and manages the site in Mariatrost. He is responsible for running the sessions as a coach, taking care of members and maintaining the site. In addition, he is responsible for all vulnerable activities in the company and a part of the programming that takes place during the sessions.

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