Hive Cross Gym x Tapkey

In Hive Cross Fitness in Graz you’ll not only find the latest fitness equipment, but also a modern access control system. For more than a year, crossfitters have had access to the Crossfit Box through the Tapkey access management. The company founder, Christoph Zettl, tells us in an interview why he chose the digital keys.

Which Tapkey Product Do You Use?

We use two smart locks in the studio and assign the NFC tags to our members.

Why Did You Choose a Digital Access Solution?

Before Tapkey we used a competitors product. Unfortunately the solution was not weather-resistant, that’s why we searched for an alternative. We then became aware of Tapkey via one of our members.

What Advantages Do You See?

The biggest advantage is that it works perfectly. The smart locks are installed on two door locks facing outwards. Of course you have to expect weather influences. Whether snow, rain or hail–the Tapkey lock system will withstand.

How Do Your Members Like Tapkey?

The product is very popular with our crossfitters. Every member receives an NFC tag, so they can enter the Crossfit Box at any time. Currently we have awarded over 100 digital keys. So far we have only received positive feedback. It’s simple and straightforward.

Do You Have Suggestions for Improvement?

I want to set a specific time for every single day of the week. For example, I would like to assign a permission for every Monday between 6am and 10pm, but on Tuesday only until 5pm. That would be great. (Good news: this feature is already released and ready to use in our Tapkey App)

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