In our rapidly digitizing world, standing still means being left behind. Even sectors rooted in tradition, such as the public sector, are seeing the benefit of embracing modern technological solutions. Central to this change is the need for efficient resource management, particularly in cities and municipalities. The challenges of managing public spaces like sports- and event spaces are being effectively addressed, thanks to the dynamic collaboration of Locaboo and Tapkey. Let’s dive into it.

From Traditional Management to Modern Solutions 

Consider the conventional approach to overseeing a sports hall or community facility. In the past, a caretaker or facility manager had to be physically present on-site, handling tasks from confirming bookings to unlocking doors for different groups. While this system worked, it had its limitations—operational inefficiencies, restricted booking hours, and an inability to respond to sudden changes or emergencies. 

Locaboo and Tapkey are revolutionizing the game. Locaboo serves as the contemporary antidote to booking challenges. Municipalities, cities, and beyond can now streamline venue bookings with ease, whether it’s a sports hall, a community center, or any other facility. Its user-friendly interface ensures that bookings are just a few clicks away. But what about accessing the facility once the booking is fixed? That’s where Tapkey comes in to digitize the access control process. With secure, mobile keys, users can effortlessly enter their booked venues without any human intervention. This not only enhances security by maintaining a digital log of all access events but also offers unparalleled convenience to both users and administrators alike.

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The Perks of Digital Booking & Smart Access

Embracing digital solutions like those offered by Locaboo and Tapkey brings a multitude of advantages that resonate deeply with modern-day demands. Community centres, multipurpose halls, cultural venues, sports centres, and even spaces — all these spaces, that are pivotal in cities and municipalities, can be transformed. Emphasizing operational efficiency, Locaboo’s automated booking system and Tapkey’s access management eliminate intermediaries, leading to streamlined operations and a reduction in both costs and man-hours. For instance, the DOM Tapkey AccessManager mounted outside multipurpose halls ensures that access to large infrastructures is managed without manual oversight. 

Flexibility takes center stage as users gain the ability to book and access facilities at any time. This unrestricted approach is a boon for clubs, groups, and individuals who have activities outside the regular operational hours, ensuring they’re not bound by conventional time constraints. And with features like the Office Mode – facilities are accessible for guests without keys. Let’s paint this use case in more detail: there is a movement class happening at 8 pm, the instructor will arrive half an hour early, unlocking Tapkey’s Smart Lock with their phone. Simultaneously, they will prompt the Office Mode, thus the door stays open for the other participants to open the door without a key. After a set time—in this case, once class starts, the lock automatically locks the door back up—the Office Mode is ended. Ensuring personal belongings are safe while offering the utmost convenience beforehand.

In terms of security, these digital tools are unparalleled. Every booking and access is logged digitally, ensuring a clear trail. Any discrepancies or unauthorized accesses can be swiftly identified and addressed. In addition, Tapkey Smart Lock ensures that every door is securely accessible, while options like the Furniture Lock or DOM Tapkey LoQ safeguard cabinets, lockers, and more.

The synergy between Locaboo’s booking management and Tapkey’s access solutions is setting a new standard for resource management in the public sector. Cities, municipalities, and community facilities can now offer seamless, efficient and modern experiences,  free from the shackles of outdated systems. As these technologies gain traction, it’s clear that the future of public sector resource management is not just digital, but smart and user-centric.

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