When you turn your smartphone and those of your employees into smart key rings with the Tapkey app and Tapkey-enabled locks, you save your business time, effort, hassles, and money.

A better future is here now

Don’t believe us? Just consider this scenario:

It begins in the morning, when Mrs. Smith comes to work. She unlocks the building with her phone. Stepping inside, she opens her personal locker the same way—no more fumbling for keys (or losing them), no more cumbersome combination locks.

Lockable file cabinets, lock boxes, and store rooms are all accessed the same way: with just a tap of a Tapkey-enabled smartphone. This way, Mrs. Smith has access to sensitive files, along with only those employees she designates.

When her storage needs outgrow her office’s capacity, Tapkey simplifies matters, too, because Mrs. Smith’ rented storage space also uses Tapkey. If she needs to grant someone temporary access to that space—or any of the locks she controls—she can send a temporary key to their smartphone, as easily as sending a text message.

This isn’t some far-flung fantasy. It’s all possible right now, thanks to Tapkey.

Say good-bye to hassles, say hello to newfound efficiency

Tapkey opens more than doors. It opens possibilities. Given its superior user-friendliness, simplified access-rights management, and wide range of Tapkey-enabled products on the market, it makes a multitude of cost-effective new usage scenarios easy to imagine—and outdated scenarios positively quaint by contrast.

You don’t have to think too far into the past to remember what it took to get a locksmith to install a cylinder system, not to mention the burden of managing physical keys—and the risks associated with losing them. Today, it’s easy to install a Tapkey-enabled lock cylinder yourself, with just a few basic hand tools and zero technical training. (Don’t believe us? Watch this video.) All of those legacy costs—locksmiths, key management, complex tools, and training—are now history.

As easy as 1, 2, 3

Tapkey-enabled access couldn’t be simpler:

1) Download the free Tapkey app to your smartphone
2) Login via your Google ID (or Tapkey registration ID)
3) get authorization from the administrator/lock owner

After that, simply tap your phone against any Tapkey-enabled lock, and you’re in. It’s easy and fun—but it’s also incredibly secure. That’s because Tapkey adheres to the same level of security standards that banks do.

Open your business to new possibilities, savings, efficiency, and security. Just ask Mrs. Smith: it’s easy with Tapkey.

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