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Coworking spaces offer freelancers, founders and startups flexible work spaces with a sense of community. Wolfgang Millner founded such an oasis of well-being with Basis08 in Vienna. He realised early that coworkers want to be flexible and get access to their workplace at any time. That’s why he chose Tapkey as a digital access solution. Now coworkers can use their smartphones to access his coworking space 24/7. We interviewed him to hear about his experience so far:

Which Tapkey Products Do You Use?

We have a Tapkey Smart Lock and Wallreader installed, and also use NFC tags.

Why Did you Choose a Digital Access Solution?

We had a door with a combination lock that broke. At that point I have already heard about Tapkey and decided to take a closer look. With the second product—the Wallreader—we were able to find a simple solution for the main entrance door without having to discuss with the building management. Now our members have 24/7 access to our coworking space using smartphones or NFC tags.

What Advantages Do You See for Your Coworking Space?

The advantages for us are clear: Tapkey helps us to open all doors and grant access to our members easily. Tapkey simplifies my administration. In addition, we have a detailed overview of all access activities. I can grant access to coworkers and know exactly at what time they were present at the coworking space. Ideal for invoicing FlexDesks.

What’s the Feedback of Your Coworkers?

The freelancers like the products a lot, because they are very tech-savvy. One customer wants an iPhone solution, so he wouldn’t need a NFC tag anymore and could open everything with his iPhone. But in general, the members feel comfortable using NFC tags.

Do You Have Suggestion for Improvement?

I’m very happy about the fact that I can now delete users from the Tapkey app. That’s why I only have one suggestion for improvement: It is not possible to delete a wrongly registered smart lock in the app at the moment. That would be a helpful feature.  (Editor’s note: The feature “Delete lock” was launched in January 2020.)

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