Up your Smart Home Game with Tapkey Technology

From remote-controlled vacuum robots, intelligent heating control, to networked refrigerators: More and more consumers rely on smart home appliances. They are designed to make everyday life more comfortable and improve home security. In this context, the smart access solutions of Tapkey should not be missing.

The app in combination with compatible locking systems such as the Tapkey Smart Lock or Wallreader enables users to open front doors or garages via smartphone. But how does it work in practice? Martina Stark—entrepreneur and mother—reveals it in an interview:

Which Tapkey Product Do You Use?

We have a smart lock installed for our main entrance door that we can easily open with our Android phones. In addition, we have a wallreader installed for our garage.

Why Did You Choose a Digital Access Solution?

I am very interested in technology. I’ve already integrated individual smart home solutions for lighting and heating in our house. Hence, it was just a matter of time to also automate and modernize our access system. For me, that means more control and security in my own home.

What Advantages Do You See and How Do Your Children Like Tapkey?

Since we use Tapkey, we no longer have to worry about forgotten keys. Unfortunately, this happened relatively often to my daughter in the past. Thanks to the simple assignment of access authorizations, she can now open the door easily with her smartphone. I can also grant access rights via email to our cleaner. It’s easy and safe. Even our 5 year old son can open the entry door with a smartphone.

Do You Have Suggestions for Improvement?

I am satisfied with the Tapkey system. Unfortunatley, it’s not possible at the moment to remotely unlock doors. If my children forget their smartphone at home, I can’t open the door for them from my office. That would be really nice. (Editor’s note: Good news—this feature is already planned!)

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