Smart furniture locks are here to improve the way you secure your stuff. Imagine unlocking drawers, cabinets, and lockers with just a few taps on your smartphone—it’s like magic, but better! This isn’t just about locking things up; it’s about stepping into a smarter, more convenient world where your storage needs are met with style and ease. Whether you’re a lawyer with stacks of confidential files, a busy bee in the office surrounded by binders, or anyone in between, smart furniture locks bring a touch of innovation to your daily routine. So, why settle for ordinary when you can go smart?

Physical Keys? So Yesterday.

Forget about the hassle of searching for keys or carrying around a heavy keychain that seems outdated. Smartphone-based access is the answer. While smart locks, such as the Tapkey Smart Lock, have become a familiar sight on doors, offering breezy access, the magic of smart furniture locks is still flying under the radar. And honestly, we don’t get it. Smart furniture locks are changing the game, letting you use something you always have on hand—your smartphone—to unlock your cabinets, drawers, and lockers. Why aren’t smart furniture locks everywhere yet? They add a whole new level of convenience and flexibility to our everyday work life. Imagine a day when you don’t need keys at all—just tap your phone to open the door, but every single cabinet or locker. That’s more than smart.

Furniture Locks For Every Use Case

Whether you’re locking up tech gear at the office or personal items at a store, smart furniture locks have your back. Tapkey offers two of its kind: the Tapkey furniture lock and the DOM Tapkey LoQ.  They’re the behind-the-scenes heroes making sure everything runs smoothly, from your desk to the utility closet. With every tap, you’re not just getting security—you’re getting a whole new level of convenience. Here are some of the scenarios where smart access for lockers, drawers and cabinets is a must: 

  • At home: Every worry about your kids getting into things they shouldn’t? Smart furniture locks can help out and protect valuables such as jewellery or expensive electronics, which keep your prized possessions safe from unauthorised access, including curious minors. With just a tap on your phone, you can keep valuables safe from curious little hands. For parents, this is a game-changer, providing peace of mind. This ensures valuables are kept out of the reach of children. Plus, no more stressing about where you put those keys!
  • At the workplace: In today’s hybrid work world, security is more important than ever.  Smart furniture locks are key—literally—for keeping confidential files and personal stuff safe. This way only certain team members can access confidential documents. This system not only protects intellectual property but also secures employees’ personal belongings in shared workspaces, preventing theft and ensuring personal space integrity. 
  • Coworking spaces: Hot-desking and moving around? No problem. Smart furniture locks let you switch desks or lockers without a hitch. These locks enable users to secure their personal belongings in any drawer or locker with ease, adaptable to daily needs and specific desk locations.  Lock up your stuff in the morning and switch to a new spot later on—all with just a tap on your phone. It’s security that moves with you. This adaptability not only enhances security but also supports the dynamic, flexible nature of modern collaborative environments.
  • Schools and libraries: For libraries and classrooms, where both security and accessibility are paramount, smart furniture locks provide a balanced solution. Secure valuable multimedia devices, confidential student records, or shared resources with controlled access that simplifies entry for authorised users but keeps out those who shouldn’t have access. Educational institutions benefit greatly from such technology, as it minimizes the risk of theft while maximizing the availability of resources, facilitating an environment conducive to learning and advancement.
  • Gyms: Eliminate the hassle of forgotten locker combinations. Tapkey’s furniture lock and padlocks are the answer for securing gym lockers. It allows members quick and keyless access to their belongings while providing a secure storage solution. Members can grab their stuff in a snap, and you can trust that everything stays secure.  

Your Space, Levelled Up with Smart Furniture Locks

Take your personal and professional spaces to the next level with Tapkey’s innovative smart furniture locks—they’re all about combining security with everyday ease. Whether you’re chilling at home, grinding at the office, or on the move, Tapkey has got you covered.

Tapkey Furniture Lock

This all-rounder furniture lock fits inside cabinets, drawers, or panels and operates invisibly from the outside—without messing up the look. 

  • Operable via your smartphone, so you’ve got smooth, secure access.
  • Even works with metal cabinets, thanks to Bluetooth.
  • Requires a minimum distance of 10 cm between two locks to prevent interference.
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DOM Tapkey LoQ

This lock is a real multitasker, making it perfect for a wide range of industry applications—from healthcare and wellness to offices and educational settings. It’s designed to work with all cabinet materials, including wood and metal, ensuring a snug fit no matter the furnishing.

  • Operable via NFC tags or your smartphone, so you’ve got options.
  • Assemble the lock in four directions—horizontal, vertical, right, or left knob positions.
  • Choose from seven colours and two knob styles (standard or round) to match any décor.
  • It operates on 2 x AAA batteries, maintaining a long-lasting performance.
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Tapkey Smart Padlock

This smart padlock extends the convenience of smart locks to portable security, ideal for securing equipment at gyms, bikes, or personal lockers. 

  • Use your phone as your key and keep track of who’s been in and out.
  • It works with all sorts of use cases, even for garages and front doors.
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