Smart Access Control: no matter where you are

That’s what Tapkey stands for. With the new Tapkey Smart Lock (available from 28th August 2018), this now also applies to all iPhone users. Because the new Tapkey Smart Lock no longer works only with NFC, but also with Bluetooth (BLE).

Now Tapkey enables easy and secure door opening with smartphones via Bluetooth and NFC. Due to the high number of iPhone users, it was important for us to complement the established NFC technology with the BLE technology for our smart locks. The Tapkey Smart Lock can therefore also be used with iPhones.

Future-Proof Technology with Bluetooth

The abbreviation BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy and is a radio technology that allows devices to communicate with each other in an environment of about 10 meters. In our case, this means that you can now open your smart lock with an iPhone via Bluetooth. You do not even have to touch the smart lock with your mobile phone. A few meters distance to the castle are sufficient. Contactless and comfortable. A sustainable solution has been developed with the BLE technology.

Registration via Bluetooth in 1,2,3 …

The registration of a new smart lock is no longer linked to an Android phone. It can be easily programmed and activated with an iPhone. Just activate the owner mode of the lock by touching it with the owner card to easily register the lock via Bluetooth. You can find a detailed instruction our help center.

From now on you can enter the apartment or office completely without a key, no matter if Android phone or iPhone. 

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