Smarter Access for Visitor Management

COVID-19 is changing the way we go to work and do business. It’s no surprise that the way we welcome visitors and employees into the workplace is changing too. Many businesses are using two seperate systems, one for access control and another one for visitor management. However, organisations need to adopt a holistic approach and that’s why an integration of visitor management with access control is necessary. We already have talked about why it’s useful to merge access control with visitor management. Integrating visitor management and access control improves operational efficiencies. Let’s dig deeper!

A Smart Way to Secure a Building

Pairing access control and visitor management systems is not just a smart way to secure a building, but also saves precious time. If both systems are not synchronised with one another, the data within the system may contain inconsistencies. A digital system is preferred for advanced visitor management. Advanced visitor management also means using the right access control solution. The right access control is key to providing a best-in-class visitor experience, without sacrificing security.  Knowing who is in your building and when is vital to your building security in general.

Instead of using two separate systems, create one system of record by connecting access control and visitor management. It will keep you organised and more efficient. Here are the benefits of operating these two systems in tandem:

1. Centralised Administration

By integrating access control and visitor management, the process is streamlined for everyone involved. No more double administration! One central user database means no need to manually update two platforms. Having all your visitor information centralised eases the administrative burden. Everything you need for visitors is available in one place, including access authorisations. All the information is already in the system and your guests don’t have to fill out something extra.

2. Improved Operations

In an unintegrated scenario, visitors are asked to first sign in and then are sent to the receptionist for access credentials. This two-step process is cumbersome and time consuming. An integration allows organisations to grant temporary access via smartphone to certain visitors. This allows sensitive areas to remain restricted to outsiders at all times. By implementing access control with visitor management, the management of multiple sites and buildings is much easier. Security is maintained at all times.

3. Better Visitor Experience

Visitors and contractors can be granted access directly from the visitor management system. Admins can send out digital keys or grant access via access card, using the information entered in the visitor management software. The mobile credentials are customisable for better security. Set the credentials to expire at the necessary time. Only need access for two hours? No problem. Only need access on Mondays? No problem as well.

1,2,3 …. Integrate!

Are you a visitor management provider? Tapkey offers an API and Mobile SDK and enables visitor management providers to offer keyless access as a valuable feature. That means that your users can access doors, cars, furniture and much more directly from their mobile device, without leaving your visitor management app–in case you’re integrating seamlessly.

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