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Let Us Introduce the Tapkey API & Mobile SDK

Mobile access control is becoming increasingly popular for all kinds of businesses. More and more companies are interested in integrating smartphone-based access into cloud-based business support systems, such as member databases, booking systems or workforce management systems. And here’s where our Management API and Mobile SDK come into play.

We’ll like to start right away: API is an acronym for “application program interface”. It’s a technical development environment that enables access to another party’s application or platform. Tapkey has such an API that can work with any solution. Whether you’re in the coworking, residential or car sharing business, you can make access control part of your application. Our Management API and Mobile SDK enables you to offer keyless access as a valuable feature.

The Management API can be used to add smart access to any third-party applications or to extract data from Tapkey for further processing or analysis. The Mobile SDK allows you to build native Android or iOS applications that incorporate Tapkey technology. That means that your users can access doors, cars, furniture and much more directly from their mobile device–without leaving your app.

When speaking about integrating with your application or infrastructure, we differentiate between those two possibilities: the lightweight and the seamless integration.

1. Lightweight Integration
Using our Management API to integrate our access features into your software, will empower your customers to issue digital keys directly via your service —while using the existing Tapkey app to register, update and open smart locks. For example a custom provisioning and de-provisioning of new users, responding data from external membership systems. For example Cobot, a coworking management software, integrated our access technology in their application. Coworking operators can manage access to their spaces directly via the Cobot panel.
Lightweight integration

2. Seamless integration 
Alternatively, you may fully integrate our access technology into your own software—with our Management API and Mobile SDK. Bake the entire unlocking experience into your existing mobile app, so customers can manage and operate all digital locks right away. It’s the ideal way to maintain brand uniformity and a consistent user experience. A prominent example: WITTE Digital integrated our access software into their own app.

With Tapkey’s open API and Mobile SDK you have the potential to join a thriving ecosystem of connected devices and give users a unique experience by combining your product with other smart solutions and integrations. To learn more about our Management API and Mobile SDK and our mobile access platform, visit

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