Smart Access for your Home

The smart home isn’t a thing of the future anymore. It’s available now. But you might not have considered just how convenient life can be when you Tapkey-enable your home. Tapkey is making daily living easier and more secure

Consider this day-in-the-life scenario of the Smith family:

With the Tapkey app on his smartphone, and Tapkey-enabled locks on his apartment, Mr. Smith can easily access his home and his garage. He uses Tapkey to get into his office, too. (You can read more about Tapkey at work here.) In fact, while he’s at work, he receives a text message that there’s a delivery person with a package back at his home. So Mr. Smith simply “texts” the delivery person a temporary key, granting access to the parcel delivery box on the premises. When Mr. Smith comes home that evening, he Tapkey-opens the box, and his package is there, safe and sound.

Similar situations occur when Mr. Smith orders groceries online or instructs the cleaners to pick up Mrs. Smith`s evening dress.

There’s no more waiting by the door, no more fumbling for keys, no more lost keys. Everything is simple and safe—thanks to the bank-grade security that’s used for the Tapkey solution.

Mr. Smith goes on vacation

When it’s time for the Smith family to take a holiday trip, Tapkey makes everything easier. They can rent a car via a sharing service, and use Tapkey to unlock the car. When they arrive at the hotel, they can skip the long lines at check-in by using the Tapkey room keys which the hotel had sent to their phones in advance. The kids using a smartphone get their own keys, too. It’s a lot more secure and reliable than those plastic key-cards with their easily-cloned magnetic stripes.

Smart homes, smart offices, smart vacations, smart sharing. It’s all possible right now, thanks to Tapkey.

Smart Home

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