Are you ready for Father’s Day?

It is father’s day soon and this raises the question: what’s the ideal present? Shaving accessories, “Best Dad” cups and ties belong to yesterday. Smart technology is the latest trend. We have put together 7 cool tech gadgets for you. Have a look!

#1 Espresso Machine To Go

If your dad is a passionate coffee drinker, then pay attention! A portable espresso machine is the ideal pick-me-up on the go. Small, hot and compact–ideal forthose who do not want to leave out delicious coffee while traveling or on excursions. On we discovered Minipresso for 65 €. Does your dad want to get a caffeine kick in the car? Then Handpresso Auto is the right thing. The Price of this gadget: €99,00 – 209,00.

#2 Hightech Massage

The second tech gadget will make many strained hearts beat faster. If you come home after a stressful working day, you want only one thing: a long, extensive massage. The head massager “iDream3” helps to relieve tension and relaxes the neck. A total package for relaxation: air pressure, vibration and pressure point massage, infrared heat compression and soothing music. With 299 euros, however, it is not a bargain. But your dad will highly appreciate this gift!

#3 Stressball With USB Plug

Digitale stress management: The stress ball with USB plug is the perfect solution for your father after a stressful day at work. By pressing, squeezing and twisting the ball you can deform the screen content on your laptop. Emails shrink in a wink. You just have to download and install the software provided. We found the USB stress ball for under 25 € on

#4 Tapkey Wristband

If you want to give your father a sports unit, then a fitness tracker should not be missing. No wonder that fitness bracelets have been popular for some time already. They count your steps, measure your heart rate and much more. There are a lot of choices on the market. In the near future Tapkey will release a wristband that can be used to open doors. Sounds interesting? Then you can request more information here and pre-order your very own wristband.

#5 Amazon Fire TV

Your dad is a real couch potato? Then Amazon Fire TV is just the thing for him. It is the counterpart to “Apple TV”. The offer of the streaming box is broad: It combines various subscription and streaming services from the Internet with the own film and series offer of Amazon Instant Video. With a price of 80 € it’s also quite affordable.

#6 Weber iGrill-Thermometer

With this cool gadget, the next BBQ party will be a real hit. The Weber iGrill thermometer measures the temperature of the steak and sends the informations directly to your iPhone or Android device. Features such as temperature notification or cooking time tracking allow moden barbecuise iwth accurate grill results. The whole thing is available at for just €99.

#7 A Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Last but not least we want to present the SkyBell WiFi Video Doorbell. It has a high-definition camera so you or your dad can keep track on expected and unexpected visitors from your phone, even when you’re not at home. How convenient! It also has full-color night vision and a motion sensor and will record video to your cloud account as soon as the doorbell is pressed or motions are detected. Price: €105,85.

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