Welcome to a day in the life of two incredible women who help keep the wheels of Tapkey’s e-commerce operations turning smoothly. Meet Annet and Marlene, the duo responsible for ensuring that customers receive their parcels on time and that the e-commerce strategy is firing on all cylinders. 

Morning Rituals: A Caffeine Boost and To-Do Lists 

Annet and Marlene’s typical workday kicks off with some essential morning routines. Annet starts by reviewing emails and prioritizing tasks to tackle for the day. Marlene, on the other hand, dives straight into managing orders. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for her, and she knows that getting those packages delivered promptly is key. For both of them, staying focused throughout the day involves careful planning and setting clear priorities. Annet believes in mapping out her day in advance to minimize distractions, while Marlene relies on her trusty cappuccino (either with oat or soy milk), short breaks, and good old to-do lists to keep her on track. 

From Strategy to Success: The E-commerce Journey 

Conceptualizing an e-commerce strategy at Tapkey involves thorough research of the market, target audience, and competitors. Setting measurable goals, such as increasing sales, is the next step. Our e-commerce team develops a comprehensive strategy that encompasses product selection, pricing, and marketing channels. As for Marlene, she jokingly suggests asking Annet, the e-commerce strategy specialist, about the nitty-gritty details.  For a laugh, if they could add any humorous product to Tapkey’s store? Annet would opt for meme stickers, while Marlene would go for the adorable, ever-waving golden Chinese lucky cat. In Tapkey blue, of course.

Handling the E-commerce Hustle 

In the dynamic e-commerce environment at Tapkey, prioritization is crucial. Both Annet and Marlene agree that orders and shipping problems take precedence. Quick responses to sales inquiries also rank high on their priority lists. When asked how they would explain their roles and their everyday business to a curious 5-year-old, Annet would say she helps make special keys for people, so they can open doors with their phones – “it’s like magic!”, she says. Marlene would humorously compare herself to Santa Claus, granting adults their wish for a special key to their door, but with the condition that they have to pay for it. 

Trends, Challenges, and Buzzwords 

The world of e-commerce comes with its own unique challenges, like assisting customers in making purchase decisions about the dimensions of locking devices. In their quest to stay ahead in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape, Annet and Marlene are proactive. They attend trade fairs, events, and avidly follow industry news. Their enthusiasm for e-commerce extends to buzzwords, with Annet favouring “automation” and “AI”, while Marlene gets excited about terms like “fulfil item” and “fulfilled.” And, of course, Marlene’s signature announcement, “Hey, we have a new order!” keeps the team motivated.

Unwinding After a Busy Day 

After a busy day of strategizing and executing e-commerce initiatives, Annet unwinds by meeting friends and pursuing her hobbies, like pottery. Marlene opts for dinner with friends, yoga, bouldering, or a leisurely evening bike ride.  While both bring their unique flair and expertise to the team, they unite in their mission: ensuring optimal customer satisfaction with top-notch e-commerce strategies. Their passion, drive, and dedication showcase why Tapkey’s e-commerce operations are thriving in a highly competitive digital landscape. Here’s to more unlocks, more smart locks, and more success!

Check out Annet & Marlene’s e-commerce magic here

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