The answer: A lot. Coworking operators have high requirements when it comes to key management and often struggle with conventional locking system. This is where Tapkey, the smartphone-based access solution, comes into play.

Smartphone-based Access thanks to Tapkey

To get a better understanding of their daily challenges, we interviewed numerous coworking space owners. Check out our findings!

24/7 presence

The interviews make it clear that physical presence is one of the biggest challenges. Luckily there are solutions that make it possible to offer 24/7 access without being present all the time. Tapkey for instance enables owners to assign access permissions to coworkers via its mobile app or web portal. The recipients can easily open doors with their smartphone or NFC transponder. No reception needed anymore.

Key handover, loss & co.

Many coworking operators state that handing over keys is especially time-consuming. The keys have not just have to be issued but also collected at the end of a membership. The problem is even worse when a provider operates multiple properties. But much more: The key management of coworking spaces with a high turnover rate might end in chaos and an insufficient level of security. Keys that are copied or lost compromise building safety and will involve additional costs.

With Tapkey, the cost are much lower because access authorizations can be assigned and removed with just one tap. No more physical keys. In addition, an automated distribution of keys is more economical. You can allocate individual rooms faster and more flexibly. The space capacities can therefore be utilized more effectively.

Fix or Flex?

Flexibility is very important to coworkers. For this reason, most coworking spaces offer not only fixed workstations, but also flex desks. However, this flexibility comes with additional admin efforts. But with Tapkey, they can grant both unlimited or temporary access permissions—depending on how long the coworker’s contract is running. To keep a better overview in the Tapkey app, contacts that are no longer needed can be deleted from the contact list.

Who, when and where?

Another annoying topic coworking providers have to worry about is the billing of meeting rooms. Who booked the meeting room and for how long? With the Tapkey App, operators always know who uses their rooms at what time. In the access log you can see all the closing processes and can understand who has had access to a particular room and when. This makes it easy to track access activities of coworkers. This function has also proven useful in the case of theft, as a space owner tells us.

All in all, the desire for a holistic solution is growing. For example, another coworking space owner states that access solutions should be implemented into his existing management app. Access permissions should be granted based on the membership. Thanks to an open API interface, Tapkey can be seamlessly integrated into existing software of the coworking provider.

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