Young woman unlocking door with smartphone Young woman unlocking door with smartphone

Platform for Mobile Access

Tapkey is an access platform for property management, car sharing and unattended delivery. Use our sophisticated technology to take your product to the next level.

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Open Access Platform

Our easy-to-use and highly secure technology provides instant and reliable access to doors, cars, boxes and much more. Whether you’re in the coworking, property management, car sharing or delivery industry, leverage our proven technology to create unique access-control solutions for your customers. Tapkey is your fast track to breakthrough innovation.

Easy Integration

Tapkey is a cloud-based access control system that’s optimised for real-world usability. You can implement Tapkey into your offering at low cost and risk—smoothly and seamlessly. Tapkey can be tailored to your specific needs.

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Plug & Play Hardware

It’s easy to connect and use Tapkey-enabled hardware throughout our ecosystem. Customers will benefit from a wide range of Tapkey-compatible electronic locks, ranging from digital cylinders to wall readers, padlocks, furniture locks and car sharing boxes.

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Bluetooth & NFC

We combine the advantages of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies. End users can easily manage locks and digital keys with their iPhones or Android phones.

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Secure & Patented Technology

Tapkey follows a “security by design” approach based on several security layers such as delegated authentication, encrypted tunnels for sensitive data and a hosting provider with local services worldwide. In addition, we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and hold a patent for smartphone-based access.

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Feature Overview

Tapkey offers powerful access features—whether you integrate our access technology into existing software or use the Tapkey app.


Manage locks

Register new smart locks and run firmware updates directly from the app.


Issue digital keys

Issue, revoke and restrict smartphone keys to specific times and locations.


Manage NFC transponders

Manage NFC tags, cards and wristbands—directly with your mobile phone.


Unlock via Bluetooth & NFC

Use our technology to open access hardware with Android phones and iPhones.


See access activities

Scour the access log. See every access activity that’s ever transpired. It’s all at your fingertips.

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Our World-Leading Customers & Partners

Internationally renowned companies put their trust in Tapkey. This is what they say.


“With Tapkey we’ve been able to offer our customers a consistent brand image and a coherent user experience.”

Paul Meier | Director


“As a global player, we see a growing trend towards mobile solutions for access control systems.”

Jörg Schultheis | Project Manager

DOM Security

“One central app, easy installation of digital locks and directly in control. Together with Tapkey we have proven to develop what people want and need.”

Erik Mastenbroek | Group Marketing Director

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“Cloud-based access systems offer great opportunities. The open Tapkey platform combined with the XLOCK locking possibilities increases flexibility of furniture in terms of customer needs.”

Thomas Vogler | CEO


“We decided to work with Tapkey to create additional value for customer segments such as gyms, offices and events.”

Michael Wotke | Key Account Manager


“The added value of our software is greatly increased with mobile access as we significantly raise the level of automation and digitisation.”

Mario Köglsperger | Digital Sales Director


“The seamless integration of Tapkey’s technology allowed us to quickly implement a reliable solution for the Japanese car sharing market with significantly reduced technical risk.”

Masahiko Oya | Project Manager