Easily share leisure properties thanks to Mobile Access

reposée is an online platform, where owner and potential tenants of leisure real estate can find each other to share their weekend house or apartment.

In a guest article reposée explains the advantages of the concept and why it makes sense to equip the weekend house with a digital access management system like Tapkey.

The background to the idea was provided by a large-scale study that reposée conducted last year. It turned out: Almost a third of all respondents are owners of leisure real estates. However more than half said they seldom use it, although most recreational properties are even livable year-round, not just during the summer months.

Weekend Houses are Used Very Rarely

In total, there is a large vacancy of leisure properties. The logical conclusion: To bring owner of second homes together with people who want a weekend home, but can’t or don’t want to afford it. A vacant property only causes running costs and is a popular target of burglars.

Holiday House Sharing is Quite Simple

Now owners and interested tenants can close a so-called “share” for a period of 2 to 12 months via reposée. Together, they determine who uses the leisure property in which interval. The division can be done after months or weeks. However, any other shared usage variant is possible.

“Weekend House Swapping” Soon Possible

As a consistent development of the sharing idea, reposée will also be introducing the home swapping this summer. The focus is long-term exchange of second homes. Why not swap your own summer cottage in the mountains with a weekend house by the lake for a season? The interest of the owners definitely exists.

As a owner of a weekend house, you are glad that you no longer have to handle the running costs on your own. This makes it easier to finance renovations for example.

Comfortable and Safe: Smartphone Instead of Keys

Smart Locks with digital access authorizations are an ideal complement to the sharing of leisure real estates. No more annoying key handovers! Access can be granted for those times that were initially defined as usage times. To fullly enjoy your shared weekend houses, reposée recommends to agree on an intermediate cleaning by a cleaning aid from the beginning. But even these do not have to possess a physical key. Stop the queasy feeling of having to leave someone with the key permanently!

Unlock the Holiday Home From a Distance

The delivery of the new garden set is pending and you can not be there to receive it? No problem. The Smart Lock in the house allows you to assign temporary access. Open sesame! Even the neighbor needs no key. If necessary, he gets temporary access to your weekend house with his smartphone. The access log records all accesses and provides additional security. The motto: Trust is good, control is better!

Key Search Adé!

Even if the safety aspect is often in the foreground: the best thing is that you never have to search for your key again. Having the key on the smartphone is much more convenient and less complicated. Because one thing is certain: your own mobile phone is always with you.

But other smart components are also useful for the weekend home. These include, for example, smart lighting that simulates presence to protect the house from burglary. Much more significant are probably the intelligent radiator thermostats, which ensure that the cottage is properly tempered on arrival. So there are many good reasons to make your weekend house smart.


Happy Sharing!

Guest article reposée

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