It’s dark, cold and the clock strikes just before midnight. But the ghosts, witches and zombies haunting the streets on Halloween today are your smallest problem. The reason: You have locked yourself out and do not know who has your spare key. “What if” scenarios come to your mind when you remember the discussion with your partner, who wanted to switch to a mobile access control system. But at the thought, a shiver ran down your spine.

Many people are sceptical about new products and technologies. How safe is it? What about the cloud? And what to do if I lose my phone? All these questions are justified when a smart lock with unprotected software is used. In our Halloween feature, we’ll show you why you should not be afraid of mobile access control.

Horror has a name: Money

Yes, the overpriced prices of some smart locks and access systems can give you a real scare. Unfortunately the price tag does not always match the purse. We admit: The purchase price of an electronic door lock is sometimes quite high. But not always. Nowadays, there are numerous suppliers on the market. So there is usually something for every purse. Keep in mind that even mechanical keys are associated with high costs in case of loss and have far-reaching consequences. Then it’s time to get scared!

Safety First

Mobile access solutions are connected to the cloud and this provides points of attack for hackers. For this reason, the security of mobile access control solutions is often criticized. The fear of the new is nothing new. Let’s face it: If the smart lock is powered by software with proven encryption methods, hacking into the system’s cloud turns out to be almost insurmountable.

In addition, the security risk of a traditional lock is usually not much lower. For burglars, it is even easier to physically destroy mechanical locks than the hacking effort a hacker would have to make. You can see the increased security in the case of loss of an NFC transponder. Just think about lost keys that can easily be copied. Access permissions can not be easily duplicated. If transponders are lost, they can be deactivated in electronic locking systems.

Scary Scenario: Locking Yourself Out

The nightmare has come true. You are standing in front of a locked door and can not get into the flat without a key. Do not panic! With a smartphone-based access solution, you do not have to contact locksmiths. It’s enough if you borrow the phone of your neighbour. After logging in with your account, all data will be available to you immediately. Alternatively, you can use NFC cards or tags. If you find yourself in a situation where your phone’s battery is low, you have a backup plan.

Keeping Things Under Control

Damn it! Who the hell has the spare key? Is it mom or the sister? With mobile access control, you have an overview of who has access to your home and can also find out when someone has entered the door. No nasty surprises thanks to simple monitoring. This allows you to manage access easily and assign access rights to people. Whenever you want. Wherever you want. And if your brother has played a dirty trick on you, the authorisation can be easily withdrawn.

Opportunities, Opportunities, Opportunities

The future is mobile. And thanks to mobile solutions, other options are opening up as well. Property owners have more control over their buildings and more ways to connect different devices with digital access solutions. You open the door via smartphone, the thermostat turns on automatically and the lights go on. From smart living to smart cities, the rise of digital technology is opening doors to more efficient processes, higher quality products, and personalised, connected experiences.

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