Security-Overview of the Tapkey System

We at Tapkey take security seriously—that’s why we have engineered our system with a “security by design” approach, integrating security considerations as part of the engineering process and striving to solve the balance between a high security level and a conveniently and comfortably usable product.

General information about the security considerations of the Tapkey system can be found in this PDF overview. If you have any more detailed questions regarding the security of your Tapkey system, please contact us at

Secure Operation of the Tapkey Smart Lock

To ensure a safe and secure operation of the Tapkey Smart Lock make sure to use malware protection on your PC, Smartphone and any other device used to access the Tapkey infrastructure, update it updated regularly and use it to scan the device for malicious applications. Furthermore, the Tapkey App on the smartphone and the firmware of the Smart Lock have to be updated regularly to the latest available versions. In addition the app must not be used on smartphones with deactivated security mechanisms (devices which are „rooted“). For more information please have a look at the operations manual.

Security Vulnerability Reporting and Responsible Disclosure

Although we try to build a high quality and secure product, we know that nothing is perfect. If you have found a security problem or security vulnerability in one of our Tapkey products, we would like to know! We follow a responsible disclosure policy, which means we would like to work together with security researchers that have found flaws in our products to resolve them and publish information about the vulnerabilities together with the researchers after we fixed them to protect our customers. If you have found any vulnerabilities, please report them to If you want to send encrypted information, please also contact for exchange of encryption keys.