Woman holding a smartphone in her hand and leaning on a bike Woman holding a smartphone in her hand and leaning on a bike

Create Special Bike Sharing Experiences—with Mobile Access

You want to get started in the bike sharing industry? Tapkey helps you offer a unique bike access solution. Develop a mobile-enabled bike lock or integrate our technology into your bike sharing platform.

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Go Mobile

The demand for bike sharing has grown over the past decade. With Tapkey, you can integrate our access function into existing software and supplement your services with smartphone-based access. 

Upgrade Your Bike Lock

You can simply use our Lock SDK to make your bike lock mobile-ready and controllable via app.


Compatible Locks For Lockable Bike Stations

Alternatively, together with our partners we offer a wide range of access hardware that works with Tapkey. Padlocks, smart locks and furniture locks ensure mobile access to bike hubs and lockable shelters.


Why Bike Sharing Providers Love Tapkey

24/7 access via smartphone and NFC tags

No more hassle with key handover

Automated issue of digital keys 

NFC transponders as alternative

Central key management

Revoke access with just one click

Tracking of access activities 
Add extra services such as helmet rental

Compatible locks for access to lockable shelters and cycle hubs

Holistic Solution For Bike Sharing Providers

Do you offer bike sharing software or want to integrate mobile access into your electronic lock? Great! Tapkey offers different integration interfaces, such as API, Mobile SDK and Lock SDK. In the end, it’s the end customers that can access bikes or bike hubs directly via smartphone.