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Add Mobile Access Functionality to Your Innovative Software

Upgrade your vertical solution with integrated mobile access. Use our Web API and Mobile SDK to offer keyless access as a valuable feature.


The Easiest Way to Integrate Mobile Access

Strengthen your management software by implementing smartphone-based access. Choose the integration option that’s right for you:

Tapkey Lightweight Integration (API)

Lightweight Integration

Use our Web API to integrate our access features into your software in a fast and cost-efficient way. This will empower your customers to issue digital keys directly via your services—while using the existing Tapkey app to register, update and open smart locks.

Tapkey Seamless Integration (AP + Mobile SDK)

Seamless Integration

Alternatively, you may fully integrate our access technology into your own software—with our Web API and Mobile SDK. Bake the entire unlocking experience into your existing mobile app, so customers can manage and operate all digital locks right away. It’s the ideal way to maintain brand uniformity and a consistent user experience.

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Depending on your business requirements we provide a lightweight integration (a question of days) and full integration (a question of weeks). You can find a comprehensive documentation and lots of implementation examples to help you jump-start the process at Tapkey for Developers.

Tapkey provides a license model to partners that grows with an integrator’s success. We think that charging based on the number of smartphone users is a good base for a fair model. For large-scale integrators, we are open to offering individual license models (lock-device or transaction-based).


Tapkey boasts a comprehensive portfolio of access devices produced by leading partners. As an open platform for any lock manufacturer, we are continuously extending our portfolio not only in terms of product classes, but also international availability.

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