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Chalet Burgblick

Tapkey Checks In At An Exclusive Resort

Newly built in beautiful Salzburgerland, Chalet Burgblick is an exclusive vacation lodge and resort. It’s also a proud partner of Tapkey’s nearly-completed pilot program, wherein the new smart digital access has delivered benefits both expected and unforeseen.

With Tapkey-enabled smart locks and wall readers, the chalet has been completely reimagined, according to owner Dr. Eberspächer-Schweda. Getting to this end-state was simple; Eberspächer-Schweda notes that installation was easy and hassle-free.

Pilot program at Chalet Burgblick is a stunning success

With its Tapkey-empowered locks, the chalet is easier for guests to access: their keys live on their smartphones. Dr. Eberspächer-Schweda has an easier life, too: with Tapkey, he can send mobile keys to guests, and doesn’t have to worry about lost or stolen physical keys.

Tapkey’s advantages became especially clear just a few weeks after the installation. Dr. Eberspächer-Schweda typically works remotely, away from the chalet, so when he got a frantic call from a member of the staff, saying that she’d inadvertently locked herself out, he knew that the solution would ordinarily require a long drive, along with the time and expenses.

All those problems vanished with Tapkey. “I was able to send a new key to her smartphone within seconds,” explains Dr. Eberspächer-Schweda. “Everything returned to normal almost instantly.”

Dr. Eberspächer-Schweda cannot contain his enthusiasm: “The more I learn about Tapkey, the more I love it. It’s easy, efficient, and secure. I’ll never go back the laborious world of physical keys and all of their problems. Mobile access is the way to go—and Tapkey supports it brilliantly.”

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