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Property & Facility Management 2.0—with Mobile Access

Each and every sector is facing the challenge of transitioning from an industrial past to a digital future. The property industry is no exception. New technologies, emerging businesses and alternative solutions are becoming mainstream, causing significant transformation of the industry. To stand out from the competition, PropTech solutions can reap the benefits of complementary services as part of their portfolio, such as mobile access control.

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How to Enhance the Tenant Experience—with Mobile Access

Tenant experience apps empower property managers to make better use of their facilities and enhance communication with their tenants. Though tenant experience platforms have many useful functions, buildings often struggle to get tenants to download the app, and find it even harder to get them to use it every day. Opening doors is a perfect feature for daily use. Hence, mobile access is an amenity that tenants value and use on a daily basis. Why not integrate it into your tenant experience app?

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Unleash The Potential of the Bike Sharing Industry—with Mobile Access

As demand for bike sharing increases,service providers are increasingly being confronted with new challenges. Making bikes available when and where people need them is paramount, but security must not be forfeited. Why not integrate mobile access control into such bike sharing systems and enable users to unlock bikes and bike hubs using their smartphone?

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