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Offer Your Own Mobile Credential App

Utilize our white label solution that gives companies the possibility to offer a mobile credential app. Everything in the visual appearance of your company. Adapted to your needs.

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An Application All Your Own

Do you already have an existing RFID system or want to complement your own solution with a branded mobile access app? Offer your customers a bespoke mobile credential application under your own company name and branding.

Ready to Go

Software development is far more than coding, and incurs many risks. It involves analysis, design, development and testing phases - all of which are resource-intensive. Skip all of the above steps by using our white label solution —with minimal effort required on your part.

Highly Customisable

App title & icon

Primary & secondary colour

Company name

Button colour

Link to your terms & conditions

Reference to a partner's firebase instance

Make it Your Own

A white label app is a seamless and fast way to let customers associate your brand with an innovative mobile access solution. You can choose between these two white label solutions:

Pictured is the Tapkey whitelabel keyring app for smart access.

White Label Keyring App

The white label keyring app contains all relevant features in order to unlock doors, cars, boxes and much more. Available for Android and iOS (also Apple Watch). The access management runs on your own software. It is suitable for many use cases.

Pictured is a smartphone with the Branded Access Solution, a white label app for smart access.

Branded Access Solution

On the other hand, we can provide you with a fully branded version of our Tapkey app. It’s an exact replica of the software. It includes all relevant features such as registering and managing locks, digital keys and NFC transponders.

Benefit From


Shortest-possible time to market

Instead of spending resources on creating a solution in-house, get started right away.


Save time and money

Benefit from massively reduced cost in software development and maintenance.


Scale your offering

By leveraging the white label app, you’re able to instantly add a new product to your core offering and earn more money.

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