Delivery man unlocking car with Zebra handheld Delivery man unlocking car with Zebra handheld

Optimise Your Delivery Process with Mobile Access

Improve the last mile part of delivery! Tapkey enables you to create a sustainable solution for unattended delivery. Explore our access solutions which combine carrier-specific business processes, handhelds and access to doors, gates, parcel boxes and car trunks.


Go Mobile

We have perfected access  control management over the years. Our state-of-the-art technology can be implemented into any third-party application, including yours!

A Wide Variety of Compatible Locks

There is an entire ecosystem of digital locks that “work with Tapkey.” Choose the right product for your specific use case, e.g., furniture locks for parcel boxes, car sharing boxes for car trunks, padlocks for containers or smart locks and smart readers for buildings.

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Why Tapkey Is the Ideal Solution

Integration with any delivery software system with standard interfaces, e.g. Zetes

Scan function with compatible handhelds, e.g. Zebra

Custom-made form factors, e.g. parcel boxes

Shorter delivery times and more on-time deliveries, thanks to delivery during off-hours

Vastly improved route optimisation due to ad hoc dynamic keys

No unnecessary trips to pickup stations

Flexible pickup of deliveries

Smarter. Faster. More Efficient.

Integrate Tapkey to create a new delivery experience: Your employees can use their handhelds to scan packages and open compatible access hardware such as parcel boxes, car trunks or doors. After successful delivery, your end customers receive an automated notification in their app. Now they can pick up their parcel anytime—using the app to unlock the specific electronic lock.


Revolutionise the Delivery Process with Mobile Access

At Tapkey, we’re giving delivery providers more flexibility. Your end customers can activate your service—giving your employees access to predetermined locks and time slots. See how you’ll benefit:


Save time and trouble

Use mobile access to avoid time-consuming additional delivery attempts. You may also want to consider off-peak delivery to avoid traffic and save even more time.


Reduce cost

Tapkey lets you deliver without requiring your customers to be present. That helps you to maximise your delivery quota —while minimising delivery routes.


More on-time deliveries

Couriers no longer must find an “authorised” person to sign; instead, they can deliver packages without customers being on-site. They simply scan the box and insert the package into a parcel box or car trunk.


Secure infrastructure

Our solution gives your employees access to predetermined drop points. This results in 100% recorded deliveries on time—and a dramatic reduction in lost, stolen or damaged parcels.


Use plug-and-play locks

Whether you want to deliver to parcel boxes, car trunks or containers on construction sites, use our partners’ smart locks and integrate them into the form factor of your choice.


Boost customer satisfaction

Offer better dynamic routing by implementing our access solution. This in turn results in more first-time deliveries and happier customers. No more trips to the distribution center for your customers.

Success Story


Tapkey was fully integrated into the delivery software system of  Zetes. It’s compatible with the Zebra handheld. Carriers can scan packages with it and open parcel boxes. Repeated delivery attempts are a thing of the past.

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Ready for optimisation?

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