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How Digital Access Changes the Game for Entire Industries

14th February 2019 | Vienna, Austria

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The Event

Digitization is all around, changing not just our daily life but entire industries. Hence businesses are looking for smart solutions to further improve their processes and meet their customers' needs.

But what are the biggest challenges? Are the solutions available on the market any good? How can we work across industries to come up with a holistic approach instead of additional stand-alone solutions? These are a couple of questions we want to address at our upcoming event on 14th February 2019 in Vienna. Join us for a day full of insights, inspiration, new ideas and interaction with leaders from the following industries:


Coworking & Shared Offices


Property & Facility Management


Smart Services & Delivery



09:30 Registration


10:30 Welcome


10:45 Collaborative Consumption: Unlocking the Potential of the Access Economy.

Paul Hubmer, Senior Director | NXP Semiconductors

This highly interactive keynote presentation will cover:

  • Why the value proposition of “disownership” in a collaborative economy will be a disruptive game-changer.
  • What access economy solution builders, providers, users will need in this emerging new-game landscape.
  • Pain points, obstacles, sources of inertia preventing these value chain players from getting what they need.
  • Breakout groups discuss/present “as-is vs. to-be” scenarios for their markets and obstacles to transitioning.
  • The role NXP/Tapkey plays in overcoming these pain points and streamlining the journey to the new-game.  


11:45 Coffee break 


12:15 Can Mobile Access Help Products and Services to Stay in the Game?

Gilbert Hoedl, CEO & Gregor Zehetner, COO | Tapkey

This talk will show the opportunities created by the digital access industry and what Tapkey can do to get customer audience from “not yet connected” status quo to successfully enter the “new game world” that is full of opportunitiesfor both, technology and business.

  • How do we get from a mechanical or key fob based systems with a local server installation to a secure smartphone/app based world?
  • What are the most effective biz models in the new game of access and how does Tapkey support these models?


13:00 Lunch break


14:15 How Traditional Industries Adapted to the Digital World.

Panel discussion and insights from representatives of the automotive, real estate and lock manufacturing industry:

  • Paul Meier, Director | WITTE Digital
  • Erik Mastenbroek, Group Marketing Director | DOM Security
  • Joey Veurink, CFO | Skepp BV
  • Carole Tokody, CEO Global Direct & Fintech | Cover-More Group


15:15 Coffee break


15:45 Breakout sessions

Status quo, challenges and opportunities. These are the topics being addressed by market experts at the beginning of the workshops. After that, it's up to the participants to work together and find feasible and sustainable solutions across the different industries. Choose one of the following sessions:

Workshop 1: Coworking & Shared Offices

Introductory speech: Jean-Yves Huwart, Founder | Coworking Europe Conference

The cowoking and shared office space market evolved and cemented its role in changing the way we work forever. Disruption is underway. So what are the biggest challenges coworking operaters are currently facing? Get general insights into the market and find out what 2019 holds for the coworking industry. 

Workshop 2: PropTech & Facility Management

Introductory speech: Vesna Glatz, Head of Manufacturing | Microsoft & Peter Ulm, CEO | 6B47 Real Estate Investors

Digitization is in full swing in almost all economic sectors and is also making it's way into the real estate industry. It brings new opportunities, but digital change is also a huge challenge. Let's discuss how companies can jump on the “digitization train” and benefit from it. 

Workshop 3: Unattended Delivery

Introductory speech: Paul Meier, Director | WITTE Digital & Carole Tokody, CEO | Cover-More-Group

The rapid growth of online retail and digital services creates new opportunities in the field of “unattended delivery” for business and private customers alike. Customers actively take charge of the delivery process and collaborate to get things faster, more reliably and cheaper. Overnight delivery services, end consumer last mile delivery startups and storage providers are leading this trend.

In the workshop participants will discuss and share experiences how digital access services and new delivery devices such as cars, boxes, accessible doors and more can dramatically transform the delivery & service process and the resulting end customer experience, creating new sources of growth and profit. 

Tech Session: Integration of Digital Access 

Markus Minichmayr, CTO | Tapkey

Want to learn how to integrate digital access into your product or service instead? Then you should join the tech track.(on demand)


17:15 Closing speech 


17:30 Finger food & drinks 




International Speakers

(in alphabetic order)

Vesna Glatz (AT)

Head of Manufacturing & Resources

Gilbert Hoedl (AT)


Gilbert Hoedl (AT)


Gilbert Hoedl is a passionate entrepreneur with a stellar track record for creating companies that derive their competitive advantage from customer centricity. These include for instance Lixto which was acquired by McKinsey & Company, Update Software and another startup called FitnessGoesOffice.

Paul Hubmer (AT)

Senior Director
NXP Semiconductors

Paul Hubmer (AT)

Senior Director

Paul Hubmer has been working at NXP Semiconductors for more than 12 years. Today he is leading a global team reliably connecting physical identification objects such as smart cards and secure tokens to back office and cloud services. NFC enabled smartphones use the same communication standards.

Jean-Yves Huwart (BE)

Coworking Europe, AF & IN Conference

Jean-Yves Huwart (BE)


Jean-Yves Huwart is an entrepreneur, former business journalist and book author.  He initiated the Coworking Europe conference in 2010, making it the biggest yearly coworking conference in the world, up to this date.  Jean-Yves is a partner in different coworking spaces in Belgium and run his company from Brussels.

Erik Mastenbroek (NL)

Group Marketing Director
DOM Security

Paul Meier (DE)

WITTE Digital

Paul Meier (DE)


Since July 2016 Paul Meier is leading the Business Unit WITTE Digital at WITTE Automotive. Before joining the company he was in different leadership roles in different industries and is providing a wide spectrum of experiences from this time. He worked for international companies such as Hella and Microsoft.

Markus Minichmayr (AT)


Markus Minichmayr (AT)


Many of the revolutionary concepts and technology behind Tapkey can be traced to the inventive mind of Markus Minichmayr. He also holds multiple patents in the field. Before Tapkey he worked for the Austrian Institute of Technology and co-founded the software development company Phactum.

Lynn Phillips (US)


Lynn Phillips (US)


A former award-winning teacher, scholar, and faculty member of the Stanford Business School for 12 years (as well as a faculty member at Harvard, Northwestern, Rice, and UC Berkeley), Lynn Phillips now devotes his full time to executive education and implementation guidance as the founder and principal of his firm, Reinventures. 

Carole Tokody (UK)

CEO – Global Direct & Fintech
Cover-More Group

Peter Ulm (AT)

6B47 Real Estate Investors

Peter Ulm (AT)


Peter Ulm is Chairman of the Board of 6B47 Real Estate Investors AG, an international real estate developer. He is responsible for the strategy, the corporate structure, the financial, personnel and legal area as well as the markets of Austria, Germany and Poland.

Joey Veurink (NL)


Joey Veurink (NL)


Joey Veurink is CFO of SKEPP, a disruptive player in the traditional real estate market. SKEPP has developed a range of Office as a Service solutions that fit the office market of tomorrow. Joey has a background in innovation management and finance (venture capital).

Gregor Zehetner (AT)


Gregor Zehetner (AT)


Gregor Zehetner knows how to turn visionary ideas into great products. He worked for companies such as Fabasoft, WDW eLab and Phactum Softwareentwicklung where he was responsible for the areas mobile solutions and innovation.


Novotel Wien Hauptbahnhof
Canettistraße 6
1100 Vienna

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