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Our powerful access technology connects the physical and digital world. Benefit from our flexible integration options and ready-to-use locks.

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Go Mobile

Our mobile-access technology is the cornerstone of Tapkey. Looking to unlock any kind of electronic lock and implement access functions in any kind of software? It’s not a thing of the future anymore.

Benefit from Compatible Locks

Our wide range of smart locks can be used for numerous access scenarios in shared workspaces. Whether it’s doors, lockers or parcel boxes, we have the hardware that best fits your customers‘ needs.

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Why Access Managers Love Tapkey

  • No time-consuming handover of physical keys

  • Reception-less offices without staff

  • Automated issuance of digital keys for new coworkers

  • Central key management for multiple locations

  • Revoke access with just one click

  • Additional services, like 24/7 access or booking meeting rooms, are available

  • Fully automated tracking of access activities

  • Compatible smart locks

Simplify Coworking with Mobile Access

Here are the key reasons for integrating Tapkey’s access technology:


Differentiate from competitors

Add mobile access to your software to set yourself above other market players. Your customers will appreciate your all-in-one solution instead of having to use two different tools.


Focus on core business

Pay attention to what you‘re good at—and outsource other processes. Integrate our access technology smoothly and seamlessly. There’s no need to develop your own app.


Monetise a new feature: “Access”

Smartphone-based access is the perfect extension for your app. Depending on your pricing model, you could even charge a premium to unlock the access feature.


Make rapid progress

By expanding your own software with a mobile-access feature, you can enhance enterprise agility quickly, while saving R&D costs.


Extend your business model

Our access management software comes with a wide range of compatible smart locks. Why not become an affiliate partner today?

Integrate Smoothly

The Tapkey interface allows you to seamlessly implement important access functions into your software. You can choose between two options: a lightweight and seamless integration.


Success Stories


With the Tapkey integration operators can now organise their access management directly via the Cobot panel. It is possible to create rules for member tariffs and define access areas.

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Tapkey products are compatible with Conrad Connect and provide ideal solutions for smart offices. For example, you can automate access to meeting rooms while maintaining the ideal room temperature.


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