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Tapkey for Property and Facility Management

Increase efficiency and reduce cost by using Smartphone Keys.

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Efficient Access Control with Tapkey


Mobile access for common areas


24/7 entry for tenants


Limited access for service providers


Connection with external software


Tracking of access activities


Easy management via app

Our Recommendation

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Tapkey Smart Reader

Tapkey Smart Reader

The Smart Reader can be used for various access scenarios.

Tapkey Smart Lock

Tapkey Smart Lock

This Smart Lock is a high-quality knob cylinder made in Germany.

Tapkey App

Mobile access is our passion. That’s why we developed an all-in-one smartphone app that allows you to register new locks, manage access permissions, track activities and unlock access products.

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This is a selection of frequently asked questions. Please visit our help center for further helpful information about the Tapkey App and electronic locks.

There are different possibilities to grant access. You can assign smartphone keys via email for recipients to open Tapkey locks with their smartphone. Alternatively you may issue NFC Tags, Cards or Stickers. Use the Tapkey App to easily programme these transponders.

No obstacles: You simply take a new phone (or temporarily borrow your neighbour’s phone), login with your account and immediately have access to your personal keyring again.

Tapkey uses two different technologies: NFC (Near Field Communications) and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). Depending on the product Android Phones and/or iPhones are supported. Alternatively you can always use NFC Tags, Cards and Stickers. Here you find a list of tested smartphones.

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