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Create Locking Products with Mobile Access

Take advantage of the Tapkey Lock SDK to add mobile access to your product portfolio; there’s no need to develop your own app!


Fast & Cost-Efficient Implementation

Our Lock SDK enables you to easily integrate mobile access into locking products. Your customers can use the Tapkey App to manage those devices. Alternatively we can build a whitelabel app solution for you.

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Bluetooth (BLE) & NFC Technology

Tapkey’s technology supports both BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and NFC (Near Field Communication) for secure communication between mobile app and locking products. This gives you additional flexibility for different use cases.

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Proven Security

We help you build secure products. That’s why we work together with renowned security experts. Tapkey supports firmware updates via smartphone to keep the installed base secure.

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Hardware Reference Architecture

Leverage our Tapkey PCB reference design to quickly create new smartphone-based locking products. Reduce risk by choosing pre-selected and tested chipsets.

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Compare: Tapkey App vs. White Label App

Smartphone with blue screen: "Tapkey, the smart way in"

Tapkey App

When using our Lock SDK you can directly let your customers use the Tapkey App to manage their locking products. Easy access management for a broad range of segments.

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White Label App

Alternatively we can also provide you with an OEM version of our app. A smooth and fast way to let customers associate your brand with an innovative mobile access solution.

Tapkey Technology Stack

Check out the different components of the sophisticated Tapkey platform.

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Success Story

DOM Security

DOM is one of the largest lock manufacturers in Europe. DOM decided to develop and launch a complementary product line “DOM Tapkey” to serve new and innovative customer segments.

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The Tapkey Lock SDK is not available publicly. Please contact us if you’d like to add mobile access to your product portfolio. We would be happy to tailor the best solution to your needs.

That depends on several factors, such as whether you choose to use the Tapkey App or a white-label solution. Please contact us so we can learn the specifics of your requirements and IT resources.

In general, our platform is designed so that users can combine all Tapkey-enabled products and manage them via the Tapkey App. However, you may also decide to use a white-label version of the Tapkey app, along with restricted compatibility for external products. The choice is yours.