Young woman unlocking door with smartphone Young woman unlocking door with smartphone

Platform for Mobile Access

Tapkey is an access platform for property management, car sharing and unattended delivery. Use our sophisticated technology to take your product to the next level.

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Open Access Platform

Our easy-to-integrate and highly secure technology provides instant and reliable access to doors, cars, boxes and much more. Whether you’re in the coworking, property management, car sharing or delivery industry, leverage our proven technology to create unique access-control solutions for your customers.

Smartphone Keys

Tapkey enables users to issue and revoke digital keys—instantly and remotely. Smartphone keys can also be restricted to specified times and locations.

NFC Transponders

Customers can manage NFC transponders—available as tags, cards and wristbands—directly with their mobile phones.


Bluetooth & NFC

We combine the advantages of NFC (Near Field Communication) and Bluetooth (BLE). Android and iPhone users can even open while off-line.

High Security Standards

In addition, Tapkey boasts several layers of security. Our Trust Service is supported by the world’s most secure data centres.


Tapkey in 2 minutes

Why Tapkey?


Products for the Connected World


New target groups & distribution channels


Reduced R&D cost and time


Flexible integration options

World-Leading Partners

Tapkey technology is trusted by a number of internationally renowned partners. This is what they say.


“With Tapkey we’ve been able to offer our customers a consistent brand image and a coherent user experience.”

Paul Meier | Director


“As a global player, we see a growing trend towards mobile solutions for access control systems.”

Jörg Schultheis | Project Manager

DOM Security

“One central app, easy installation of digital locks and directly in control. Together with Tapkey we have proven to develop what people want and need.”

Erik Mastenbroek | Group Marketing Director

data mobile

“Cloud-based access systems offer great opportunities. The open Tapkey platform combined with the XLOCK locking possibilities increases flexibility of furniture in terms of customer needs.”

Thomas Vogler | CEO