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Launch Digital Access Products—Quickly & Cost-Efficiently

Create a new product line supporting mobile access. The Tapkey technology empowers you to get to market faster—at lower cost.


Go One Step Further

Want to play a leading role in the mobile-enabled world? Upgrade your electronic door locks and reap all these advantages:


Grow your portfolio

By integrating our Lock SDK you can upgrade your product portfolio of digital cylinders and offer mobile-enabled smart locks.


Reduce R&D costs

Tapkey provides manufacturing partners with fast and easy integration, accelerating time-to-market. Team up with us and save up to 12 months of development time—and a lot of money.


Focus on core business

Outsource non-core processes to provide superior quality. There‘s no need to develop your own app; take advantage of our existing technology and mobile app. We can even provide a white-label version.


Address new targets

Smartphone-based access helps you to attract lucrative industries like shared workspaces, real estate, car sharing and unattended delivery.


Complement your offering

Become part of more complex solutions scenarios with your hardware—immediately! Your customers will appreciate a holistic system vs. a hodgepodge of single solutions.

Grow Your Business

There is a high demand for mobile access in the following industries. Tapkey helps you get involved:

Shared Workspaces

Shared Workspaces

The higher the number of coworkers and turnover, the more complex the access management challenge becomes. Integrating mobile access is a great way to participate in this prosperous market.

Residential & Office Buildings

Residential & Office Buildings

PropTech apps and digital access are revolutionising the proptech industry. From helping tenants make better use of their facilities, to improving communication and allowing seamless access across buildings—integrating mobile access into your app will unlock your business‘ true potential.

Car Sharing

Car Sharing

Increasing pollution and urban traffic are just two reasons why companies and commuters look for easy ways to share their vehicles. Use our access technology to enhance your hardware and serve this market.

Unattended Delivery

Unattended Delivery

The last mile is a great opportunity to improve delivery processes. Check out Tapkey’s solutions that enable unattended delivery—empowering you to improve delivery rates and reduce cost.

Mobile Access for a New Generation

Upgrade your hardware by integrating mobile access and deliver smarter access control experiences to your customers. Alternatively, you can use our Hardware Reference Architecture to create your own digital locks.

Tapkey Integration Lock SDK

Lock SDK

The Tapkey Lock SDK provides fast and simple integration of our access technology into existing electronic locks.

Hardware reference architecture


Leverage our reference architecture to quickly create new smartphone-based smart locks. Reduce risk by choosing pre-selected and tested chipsets.

Success Story


DOM is one of the largest lock manufacturers in Europe. The company used our Lock SDK to develop their own smart lock and address new customer segments.

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The Tapkey Lock SDK is not available publicly, but here is the detailed documentation. Please contact us if you’d like to add mobile access to your product portfolio. We would be happy to tailor the best solution to your needs.

That depends on several factors, such as whether you choose to use the Tapkey app or a white-label solution. Please contact us so we can learn the specifics of your requirements and IT resources.

In general, our platform is designed so that users can combine all Tapkey-enabled products and manage them via the Tapkey app. However, you may also decide to use a white-label version of our app, along with restricted compatibility for external products. The choice is yours.

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